10/23/12 Sedona NDE Class Notes

10/23/12 Sedona NDE Class Notes

Oct 24


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Anita Moorjani Class Notes (pdf handout)
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10/23/12 Class Notes
By David Sunfellow 

This week’s class began with a few minutes of silence. Then I shared the most important NDE-related news and events I am aware of that have taken place since last we met…


Becki Hawkins’ Presentation

I let everyone know that the presentation that Becki Hawkins gave in Sedona on October 9th, 2012 has now been viewed almost 300 times on YouTube. Her video has also generated some lovely comments, including these:

“Becki Hawkins, thank you for sharing these stories. It is incredible to listen to the stories of people that are on the edge of crossing over and hear what they are feeling and seeing. Your book is amazing and I love your book. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — Connie Musgrave

“Thank you, Becki for going to Sedona and making this video. I had thought I would only listen for a few minutes, but I had to listen until the end. There was so much for me to learn. Every word you spoke came from your heart, and you touched my heart by sharing your stories… God Bless you Becki.” — freakincoolstudios

For more information about Becki, go here.


Norman Van Rooy

A few days ago, I was contacted by Norman Van Rooy, the producer of a 1993 documentary on near-death experiences called “Shadows – Perceptions of Near Death Experiencers”. While Norman’s documentary has only been seen by a few people, those who have seen it (including yours truly) have been universally impressed. Here’s what P.M.H. Atwater had to say about Norman’s documentary:

“Shadows is refreshingly different. It presents the NDE phenomenon in a broader and more realistic way than other such videos currently on the market. I extend a hearty ‘thank you’ to Norman Van Rooy for the strength and vision of this unique work.”

Norman and I are working to get his lovely documentary posted online so everyone can enjoy it. After that, we are planning to turn our attention to 30 other NDE interviews that Norman filmed but never produced. These old interviews are with such notables as Dr. George RitchieHoward Storm, and Nancy Evans Bush.


Dr. Eben Alexander

The past couple of weeks NDEr Dr. Eben Alexander has been showing up everywhere. His book, “Proof of Heaven” was released on October 23rd. You can find excerpts from this best-selling book posted on his NDE Stories resource page.

The first week of October, Newsweek published a cover story on Alexander’s NDE. And that, in turn, generated a firestorm of controversy, much of which came from atheists incensed that Newsweek would give something so overtly spiritual so much press. You can read all about this controversy on NHNE Pulse: “Atheists Unhinged Over Dr. Eben Alexander’s NDE“. One of the atheists that was incensed with Newsweek’s cover story on Alexander was Sam Harris. After writing a scathing essay about the story, Harris directed his 94,810 followers to watch a video of Alexander talking about his NDE during the 2012 Bioethics Forum. Coincidentally, this particular video had been uploaded by me. The end result: views of this video skyrocketed from a couple thousand to over 19,000. Many of the viewers who came to check out the video because of Harris ended up posting vicious, mean-spirited, and dismissive comments. They also hit the “dislike” button so many times that the “dislikes” soon outweighed the “likes”. To save the video from such antics, I deleted the most vicious comments, turned off the like-dislike feature, and reconfigured things so new comments had to be approved by me before they were posted to the video’s page. In an attempt to broaden and civilize the discussion, I also exchanged comments with many of the negative posters. Here’s a screen capture of the post Harris made to Twitter. That is followed by the video he sent his followers to watch. To see some of the comments that were made, and my responses, go here.




Finally, to give you an idea of just how much interest there has been in Alexander and his NDE, here is a quick list of upcoming media appearances:

10/24 – ABC-TV/ World News Tonight
10/24 – ABC-TV/ Nightline
10/25 – ABC-TV/ Good Morning America
10/26 – FOX-TV/ Fox & Friends
10/26 2:50 pm ET – CNN-TV/ Newsroom
10/26 – ABC-TV/ 20/20
10/30 – The Mike Huckabee Radio Show
10/31 – Contact Talk Radio Network/ New Consciousness Review
10/31 (2-5 am 11/1) – Coast-to-Coast nationwide AM radio
11/2 – MSNBC-TV/ The Cycle
12/2 or 12/9 – OWN-TV/ Super Soul Sunday (with Oprah Winfrey)
Date to Come – Dr. Oz


Colton Burpo & Family

Another new NDE book out this week comes from Colton Burpo’s family. That new book is called “Heaven Changes Everything: Living Every Day with Eternity in Mind“. It features Todd (Colton’s father), and for first time ever Sonja (Colton’s mother), sharing what happened in their lives — and in the lives of millions others — who heard about their four-year old son’s near-death experience.


Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Mellen-Thomas Benedict recently announced that he is coming out with a new DVD and set of CDs. The DVD is the result of a series of seminars Benedict has presented over the last two years. You may remember that Benedict was prominently featured in my two-part presentation, “How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World“. That’s because he had one of the most remarkable NDEs ever recorded. To find out more about Benedict’s DVD and CDs, go here.


My Two-Part NDE Presentation

Speaking of my two-part NDE presentation, I let everyone know that it is continuing to rack up some impressive viewer statistics. To date, Part One has been viewed 11,650 times, while Part Two has been viewed 7,185 times. How has it impacted the people who watched it? Here are a few comments:

“Thank GOD I just found this video!! It literally just saved my life!!!!! Literally!!!”

– @Lipludful via YouTube

“Hi Sunfellow! I’m a girl in 14 years from Denmark. Next year I’m having my confirmation, and before I wachted these two fantastic videos, I doubted God and Jesus, and I thought that death was the sad end of everything. But know… These videoes changed it all. It sounds so silly, but I belive know. I really do. And I can’t wait to go to church, where I’m having my confirmations-lessons. This was so heartening and inspiring — I’m so greatfull for you to share this with us! Thank you! Great work!!

“I also want to add, that this was really thorough. I’m very impressed by your work with these two videos! I have always being fascinated by NDE, but never really examine it deeper… This was so great! There were so many good and thrilling informations, so many details, everything very constructive — and not boring at all, though the videos were 2 hours long. I really enjoyed this. Again, thank you!”

– @TheCaptainSophie via YouTube

“Very Very well done. I’ve done much reading on NDE’s and watched many videos as I wrote a thesis on the subject. These 2 videos are a wonderful compilation of Moodys, Rings, Longs and others works and pulls it all together into one place. This is one of the best videos on NDE’s I’ve run across and I will keep it in my ‘favs’ to play for some of my friends who are struggling right now. I’ll be visiting your website. Wonderful lessons to be learned from NDE’s. Thanks for uploading.”

— @yooperlooper via YouTube


Chris Carter’s Trilogy

Author-researcher, Chris Carter recently finished the final book in his three-part trilogy, and it, like the two books before it, has been generating rave reviews. The final book in Carter’s trilogy is called “Science and the Afterlife Experience: Evidence for the Immortality of Consciousness“. You can find a review by Robert Perry of this new book posted here. The two other books that make up Carter’s trilogy are: Science and the Near-Death Experience and Science and Psychic Phenomena. Robert also wrote a review for Science and the Near-Death Experience, which is located here.


The Life Review Discussion 

For the last couple of months, we’ve been studying The Light & The Light Review (pdf). Tonight we dove into the final part of this paper, “6. Life Reviews from God’s Perspective”.

As I told the class, the ideas presented in the final chapter of this paper are enormously important. Understanding them is critical not only living healthy, happy lives, but also to learning how to love ourselves more deeply and, by extension, others. To illustrate how misunderstanding these ideas can lead to serious consequences in the world, I reminded everyone of the near-death experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict. According to Benedict:

“I had been an information freak in the1970’s, and I had become increasingly despondent over the nuclear crisis, the ecology crisis, and so forth. So, since I did not have a spiritual basis, I began to believe that nature had made a mistake, and that we were probably a cancerous organism on the planet. I saw no way that we could get out from all the problems we had created for ourselves and the planet. I perceived all humans as cancer, and that is what I got. That is what killed me. Be careful what your world view is. It can feed back on you, especially if it is a negative world view. I had a seriously negative one. That is what led me into my death. I tried all sorts of alternative healing methods, but nothing helped.”

Benedict, of course, died of brain cancer and one of the turning points in his near-death experience came when The Light revealed to him the true nature of human beings:

“The Light turned into the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen: a mandala of human souls on this planet. Now I came to this with my negative view of what was happening on the planet. So as I asked the Light to keep clarifying for me, I saw in this magnificent mandala how beautiful we all are in our essence, our core. We are the most beautiful creations. The human soul, the human matrix that we all make together is absolutely fantastic, elegant, exotic, everything. I just cannot say enough about how it changed my opinion of human beings in that instant. I said, ‘Oh, God, I did not know how beautiful we are.”’At any level, high or low, in whatever shape you are in, you are the most beautiful creation, you are.”

We can look all over the world and see, hear, read negative things about human beings. Whether embedded in religious beliefs and practices, or echoed by the families and cultures we live in, humans are evil, cruel, selfish, sinful, disgusting. And since you and I are human, that means we carry these negative qualities in us too. And most of us, sadly, take this to heart in very deep ways. To put it bluntly, most of us carry a secret hatred for ourselves and others that is very much like the hatred that Benedict described.

Near-death experiences can help heal the self-hatred we all carry by providing us with a deeper, truer, more beautiful vision of ourselves, and our brethren. On the one hand, NDEs champion the idea that we are imperfect, that we have lessons to learn, that we need to learn how to love more fully and deeply. And on the other hand, NDEs present the view that the universe is perfect, that we are perfect, and that the proces of growth we are going through is also perfect.

To put some flesh on how these two extreme positions, we spent the rest of the class watching, reading, and discussing the following NDE experiences.


Anita Moorjani

First up was Anita Moorjani. We watched from 17:30 to 19:25 in  Lilou Mace’s interview with Anita. Here’s the quote we focused on:

I felt not only that I was loved unconditionally, it was like I just was love just because I existed — no other reason. I also felt unconditional love for everyone and everything, even for people that may have hurt me during my life. All I felt for them was unconditional love and compassion and a knowing that no matter what they did, even if they hurt me really badly… they were still doing the best they knew how at the time. It was like I understood why they did what they did… that feeling of unconditional love is not even a feeling of forgiveness towards those that hurt you — it’s beyond forgiveness; it’s like I understand why you did what you did, and therefore there is nothing to even forgive. Because when I understand you, to me it means you haven’t even done anything wrong. To forgive someone means to say you’ve done something wrong and I forgive you for it. There’s a judgement there. There was like no judgement… it’s almost like having walked a mile in their shoes; it’s a knowing that if I was in your shoes, I would have done the same, so there’s nothing to forgive. That’s the kind of feeling of unconditional love. In that realm that was all I could feel for everyone, and that was what I felt that I was surrounded with. And I encountered my father who had passed away 10 years before, and my best friend Soni, who had passed away two years prior to that, and I was also surrounded by other beings who I didn’t recognize. But all I felt from them was this unconditional love, as though they were there purely to help me, to guide me, help me through this transition.


Amy C.

Next we read and discussed the following portions of Amy C’s NDE:

In my NDE… I came to understand that most of us have lived much, much longer than we could even fathom.That our lives that feel so very long are infinitesimal when placed in the whole picture… which for that matter, cannot even be framed. I was shown how every single individual through their own free will chooses paths that MATHEMATICALLY take them to the circumstances of their next existence or life; that NOTHING at all sits in accident or chaos; that every single aspect of our lives are ruled by NATURAL laws that we placed ourselves in; that in a sense, we create our own worlds. I was shown how one can never assume either, that if someone lives a life of suffering that this is because of “evil” deeds. Many may CHOOSE a life of suffering because of what it awakens in them… or to help another, etc. We can NEVER EVER assume that we can be accurate in guessing why each being lives the life they live. I cannot describe the relief, the refreshing, peaceful balm this knowledge was for me. To finally gather this truth that I’d yearned for all of my life — That all is good; that there is sense and beauty all around; that no one is just “free-falling” as it had seemed before;  that God doesn’t just get to toy with us as He pleases with random ideas of tests, including rewards and punishments that just depend upon His current mood or mindset. While in this experience, out in the vast expanse of stars and planets, moons, and knowledge, I knew complete trust for what felt like the first time. This was bliss for me. I had lived in fear and distrust and panic for 30 consecutive years.

My Guide stood by at a certain time… and he lovingly stayed as my support while I had a kind of life review. I never felt chastised at all, even though I know I’ve been very cruel at times and have hurt many people. I’ve lost my temper in horrible ways and I have had great trouble with forgiveness, and yet, I felt only love and understanding through the entire life review. What it felt like to me was that I was being given the opportunity and gift of being able to stand back and more fully understand and love myself. I was able to feel exactly what others around me had felt during my life. I understood how everything I did and said and even thought had touched others around me in one way or another. I was able to even enter the minds and emotional centers of many who had been around me, and understand where they were coming from in their own thinking; how their own personal views and lives’ experiences had brought them to the places each stood. I felt their own struggling and their own fears; their own desperate need for love and approval — and more than anything, I could feel how child-like everyone was. With every person I viewed, including myself, I was able to see and feel with a Higher Mind and Eye. And the feeling I had toward everyone was nothing less than what a loving mother would feel for her own children at toddler age.

It was actually comical at moments. I could feel how the “Elders” as I will call them (these are those who are Helpers on the other side, who have mastered themselves in many or all ways, and help work with us) see us and find so much humor in the way we do things. It might seem brutally annoying to consider when we are in the midst of a great argument or drama that is playing out in our lives that the Elders view these things very much like when a mother sees her two year old scream and cry and bop another child on the head with a stuffed animal. The mother doesn’t want her child to “fall apart” and become hysterical and cry. She feels for her child, but at the same time, she sees a little bit of comedy in how seriously the child takes what is usually a trivial drama. She continues to love her child and thinks the world of it, hoping it will go on enjoying the day, living and learning.

This was a big light bulb moment for me, because I had entertained the dark idea, during my life, that every little less than perfect action of mine, was being watched “by God,” and judged with anger or great sadness. I felt constant guilt for my mistakes and belabored over the dread of “being watched” with severe or at least very stern eyes. I wanted to please, and I believed that I was so often falling short. This had been a maddening way to live. So getting the chance to view others from a much Higher Frequency was wonderful, to say the least. And knowing how much love I felt as I watched or sensed others’ in their personal situations, made me want to live more in joy rather than guilt and worry. No one was mad at me.

I was able to explore the mind or energetic pattern of one of my life’s sworn enemies — someone I couldn’t imagine forgiving for what I’d witnessed. And yet, coming back from my NDE, I could feel nothing more than such a flood of Love for this woman that I dived in at the chance to write her a letter and tell her how much I loved her, and to ask for forgiveness for the energetic weight I might have held over her from my own dark thoughts and anger. She could have been my own firstborn. That is how much I adored her at that time. Because I was able to feel the Divine Love for her that the Essence that ‘God’ is, feels toward her, I too, couldn’t help but love her in a similar way. It was such a surprisingly marvelous feeling to relinquish the burden of my own anger and judgments — much of which I hadn’t even carried, consciously most of my years.

Surveying all of this, I want to note, that I felt a Higher part of me that had compassion on the ME that was so ignorant and juvenile. It seemed to understand what I was working with, in every detail, and it only wanted for my joy. I felt that toward my own self, if that makes any sense. I desired to have my lower self Awaken, and to be filled with Love and Joy. I wanted for my lower, child-like self to be kinder, to be more Conscious, and to find Peace.

I am forever grateful for my Life Review and what I took from it. 

I came back with this Knowing that despite what SEEMED “good” or “bad” before… it now became united to be only, “Good.” Because I trusted and knew that everything was in it’s right place… even when people made decisions that I didn’t agree with myself, I still felt that in the overall picture, it was ALL “Good.” I had this knowing as well, that there was the essence or spark of the Highest (as I’ll refer to ‘God’) in EVERYTHING. In every mineral, vegetable, animal and human and beyond… I just knew that the Highest waited within everything to expand and create and grow and experience. I lost all desire to analyze everything in life, as I’d done before through religious examples, by trying to judge everything little thing as being either “good” or “bad.” I wasn’t concerned. We are all just consciousness experiencing life, and learning how to love, create, and develop to the Highest we can be. I knew to choose what felt right for me and to trust more. That when something felt unjust or imbalanced, to do what I could to work toward harmony, but to not worry about that which I had no control over. I know that eventually, even without our taking over the controls, the Universe is so full of Order, it always finds a way to Balance everything, because the Universe cannot exist without perfect Balance. And it will continue to exist. 


Natalie Sudman

Finally, we listened to a small portion of the dialog between AfterLifeTV’s Bob Olson and NDEr Natalie Sudman. The portion we listen to ran from  43:30 to 47:51.

Bob Olson: Many of us are aware of the ripple effect of things that happen in life, choices that we make, but you to it to a whole new level… Anymore to say about that?

Natalie Sudman: I think it might be a tendency of some people to over-think their choices, like try to figure out “Oh my God if this is that far reaching than I have to make the right decision!” I can tell you that every, any decision you make is the right decision. You don’t have to ohhhh angst out over making the little decisions, which I certainly used to do. And sometimes still slip back into… It’s easy to do that because you know how far reaching they are. But honestly, any decision you make is going to be acceptable and good from a spirit point of view. It will also be valuable from a spirit point of view.

Bob Olson: Even if it does harm to another?

Natalie Sudman: Well, harm to another, that’s a physical world judgement… 

Bob Olson: When someone does do harm to another, do you believe that there’s any soul contract? Do you think there’s are any contract between them ahead of time? You know, I’ll murder you…

Natalie Sudman: That’s another case of every answer being different for every person. I think some people do make a lot of — people call them “contracts” but I would call them “agreements” — it’s not a contract. You can get out of it. You can change your mind any time you want to… That’s my experience. You can always choose not to do it… Those agreements are made on a spirit level and so the value is obvious up there, or over there, or right here. That doesn’t mean that you don’t still play out the physical emotions and the physical judgements… It’s like you can write a script for a movie and make somebody kill somebody, and somebody rape somebody, all these awful things in this movie and then you can act out the movie. And then you can show the movie… We know that it’s not real. So from the spirit level that’s kind of how it looks, even though when you’re in it, yeah, it feels real, and it’s horrible! It can be wrenching! It can be awful! That’s real too. It’s valuable even though we may not see that.


Future Classes

Our next NDE class will take place Tuesday, November 13th, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at St. Andrew’s (see below for directions). Our next dream class will take place Tuesday, November 6th at the same location. Please note that THERE WILL BE NO CLASS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30th. October 30th is the fifth Tuesday of the month and whenever one of our classes falls on a fifth Tuesday, we get to play hooky!


A Newly Emerging Spiritual Path

Unlike spiritual paths that arose from the ideas and inner experiences of lone, isolated human beings, the path presented by near-death experiences is emerging as a direct, grassroots revelation that millions of people from all over the world are receiving and sharing. If we explore this newly emerging path deeply enough, we discover that all religions, philosophies, and cultures are honored; that science and spirituality are celebrated; that both the human and spiritual side of our natures are cherished and embraced. In short, near-death experiences present us with a universal, all-inclusive, perfectly integrated spiritual path that revolves around three core truths: 1. We are all one; 2. Love is the essence of life; 3. We are here, in this world, to become perfect embodiments of the divine. 


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