A 1998 Undercover Report About Gabriel Of Sedona/Urantia (Updated)

A 1998 Undercover Report About Gabriel Of Sedona/Urantia (Updated)

Jun 23


(aka Gabriel Of Urantia & Anthony J. Delevin)
NBC Dateline
February 24, 1998

Watch this undercover report at these locations:

• Preserving Dateline’s Expose on Gabriel of Sedona
• Gabriel of Urantia and Spiritualution

Download a copy of the report at these locations:

• Dateline’s 1998 Undercover Report on Gabriel of Sedona
• Gabriel of Urantia and Spiritualution

Download an audio version of the report at these locations:

NHNE Pulse (MP3)
American Cynic (MP3)
BayFiles (MP3)

Read a complete transcript of the report here:

NHNE Pulse
America Cynic

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Q. (John Larson) You were Francis of Assisi?

A. (Gabriel) Yes.

Q. Martin Luther?

A. Yes.

Q. King Arthur?

A. Yes.

Q. You were also George Washington?

A. Yes.

Q. Father of the United States?

A. Well —

Q. Led the troops?

A. Yes, yes. I’m either insane or egotistically mad, or I am who I say I am.

JOHN LARSON: And remember Gabriel saying that polygamy, having multiple wives, is common practice on other planets but not in his community?

Gabriel and his common-law wife, Niann, have three children, but our hidden camera investigation also came cross this woman. Her name is Tiendey [phonetic]. She was introduced to the group as another of Gabriel’s complements. She’s holding a baby named Elenora, introduced as Gabriel’s newest child.

Q. (John Larson) You don’t have more than one complement?

A. (Gabriel) I have two spiritual complements here in this community right now —

Q. These are spiritual complements?

A. — but we are not in a sexual relationship. But they are spiritual complements.

Q. Have any children with these other complements?

A. Past lives?

Q. No. Currently, here.

A. Yes, I have children with one of these complements.

Q. I thought you said it wasn’t sexual?

A. It was sexual. Yes, it’s — I have a very beautiful lovely little daughter. Her name is Elenora Desminey [phonetic].

Q. Okay.

A. She’s also from another planet. An inter-universal planet. And it was God’s will for me to be with her again in this life. She has been with me in other lives.

Q. Niann, this is all right?

A. (Niann) Yes. When I first met Gabriel, and we began learning about this, I wasn’t ready then. I didn’t want to hear about that. You know, that type of thing. But I’ve moved into that.

Q. Why is it always the guys who are spiritually advanced to the point where they can have multiple partners? And it’s rarely the women?

A. I could. It’s just that there’s no one who I’m interested in.

Q. And if she does, Gabriel, it’s all right?

A. (Gabriel) No. It’s not okay with me. Many men could be okay with — and these would be men basically that would be more mother-circuited. I’m a very strong father-circuited male.

Q. This is what confuses me. I ask you about complements here, you tell me something that’s not true. I ask you about your complements sexually, you tell me something that’s not true.

A. I have clairvoyance. I knew fully well where you were headed before I even sat down in this chair.

Q. Clairvoyance? You know this is coming? We’ve had a few Dateline employees come join your community.

A. Dateline employees?

Q. Employees. Employees of Dateline. You know who they are?

A. (Niann) Would you like to name them?

A. (Gabriel) Yeah. It’d be great to know.

Q. Well, you’re the clairvoyant.

A. John? A fellow from Florida?

Q. No.



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By David Sunfellow
August 6, 2011

Original Link

In May I told all of you that a lawyer associated with Gabriel of Sedona (aka Gabriel of Urantia), has been trying, very hard, to erase all copies of the 1998 undercover report that Dateline NBC did on Gabriel from the net. Since the copy NHNE has appears to be one of the last copies left, she has been especially interested in getting that copy pulled down. Here’s where you can find my previous post on this:

When Messianic Messengers Try To Erase Embarrassing Footprints
May 18, 2011

In my last update, I mentioned that I responded to Gabriel’s attempt to erase the Dateline report by posting an additional high-quality, streaming video of the program, adding more links to the page, and moving the entire website to another server. I had also planned to enlist a few of you to help transcribe the program, so we could distribute text versions. Two of you volunteered to help, but I haven’t had enough time to follow through with this — yet.

In the meantime, while it took Gabriel’s lawyer a few months, she finally tracked down nhne.com’s new web hosting company and sent them a lawyerly letter asking, again, for the Dateline report to be removed. This time, unlike last time, the host company emailed me a copy of the letter they received (see below).

The lawyer’s name is Celinas Ruth. If you read her letter carefully, you will see that the copyright infringement she refers to pertains primarily to materials Dateline used in their program. In other words, Ruth is claiming that Dateline, a news organization that is acutely aware of what constitutes Fair Use of copyrighted materials, crossed the line by using two snippets of information in their report. Thus, the logic goes, since Dateline infringed on Gabriel’s rights by including copyrighted materials in their undercover report, I (and whomever else might post the Dateline report online) are also guilty of copyright infringement.

This, of course, is the opinion of Gabriel’s lawyer, not a legal judgement won by Gabriel and his group suing Dateline in court.

While this argument seems patently ridiculous to me, the company that is hosting nhne.com, thought otherwise and asked me to remove the offending material. Worse, they actually pulled the entire website down for TWO DAYS while we exchanged emails about Ruth’s letter.

[Note to self: Legalistic, cleverly written letters can get giant, multi-million dollar companies, who are highly allergic to law suits, to drive Mac trucks over ma and pa clients.]

I have, therefore, reluctantly agreed to pull down Dateline’s 1998 Special Report on Gabriel of Sedona, along with the photo of Gabriel that Ruth also believes infringes on their copyright.

And I’m changing tactics.

Rather than NHNE hosting the last known copy of Dateline’s report (while Dateline, incidentally, ignores requests to please post the program on their website), I thought I would ask you for some help.

If any of you would like to help make sure this report remains available, on the net, so those who are interested can watch it, I’m looking for a few tech savvy people to upload it to their servers. Once you’ve uploaded copies, send me links, and I will add those links to this page.

You can currently download copies of the Dateline report here:

Gabriel of Urantia and Spiritualution



If you would like me to mail you copies of the program on DVD, just send me your name and mailing address and I will burn three versions to the program on DVD and drop it in the mail.

All things considered, this is a dumb thing to be spending (wasting) time on. Gabriel is a low-grade cult figure and their group has been loosing steam (and members) for years.

On the other hand, it is also a matter of principle — and history.

It is a matter of principle because I don’t think it is appropriate for lawyers of any stripe to be able to erase important information with sneaky, legalistic tactics.

And it is a matter of history because future generations can only learn from those who preceded them if those who preceded them actually leave some trails, including trails that lead people into ditches.

If you have any questions, drop me a line. I would be delighted if five or six of you are able to put copies of this program on your servers. I would be even happier if you live outside the United States!

Thanks for your help. The letter from Gabriel’s Lawyer, Celinas Ruth, follows…


August 4, 2011

Dear Copyright Agent:

Please consider this a formal complaint and request to remove material from one of your hosted websites due to copyright infringement. [ For your information I hold the copyright to any information I am providing and this information is not available for your publication in any manner or any place.] In support of the complaint, I provide the required information as follows:

0 My electronic signature is below and I am the attorney authorized to act for Global Community Communications Alliance formerly known as Aquarian Concepts, (” GCCAlliance”) the exclusive owner of the copyrighted material listed in 2(a) and 2(b) below. This infringed material is being used within the NBC Dateline tape “True Believers” and it appears online without permission for its use from GCCAlliance or NBC Dateline.

0 (a) The photograph of Gabriel of Urantia with a headband located under the date, February 24, 1998 on page 1 at www.nhne.com/misc/gabriel_dateline.html infringes the copyrighted photograph which appears with written material on the copyrighted work, “Holy City,” Reg. No. SR272-253. This same photograph appears 5 times without permission from its copyright owner in the NBC Dateline tape “True Believers.” GoDaddy.com hosts the infringing website, www.nhne.com which posts the uploaded NBC Dateline tape containing the infringed photographic material. A file showing the photograph, where it appears on the infringing NBC Dateline tape and on www. nhne.com is attached and labeled “copyright pictures.mp4.”

(b) Material from the copyrighted work, “Humility is the Engine of Divine Government, Love is the Caboose,” Reg. No. SR 0000671653 is first infringed when it is used without permission from its copyright owner in the NBC Dateline tape “True Believers.” Then, www.nhne.com which hosts the uploaded NBC Dateline tape containing infringed material has GoDaddy.com host their infringing website. An audio/video file describing the material and where it appears on the infringing uploaded “bootlegged” NBC Dateline tape is attached and labeled “Sounds copyright.mp4.”

0 The material being infringed, i.e., the photograph and the uploaded copy of the NBC Dateline tape “True Believers” are located on the website with the URL: www.nhne.com/misc/gabriel dateline.html

0 My contact information is: Celinas Ruth, P.O. Box 8001, Tumacacori, AZ 85640-8001, 520-393-3388 . I may be reached at the email address: celinas@globalfamilylegalservices.org

0 The use of the copyrighted material mentioned in 2(a) and 2(b) above is not authorized by my client, the copyright owner, Global Community Communications Alliance. I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted material in 2(a) and 2(b) is not authorized by any agent of the owner of these copyrights or under the law. I have a good faith belief that the NBC Dateline tape, “True Believers” uploaded as digital media is not authorized to be displayed as a video or displayed for download on www.nhne.com by the copyright owner, its agents, or under the law.

0 The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I swear under penalty of perjury I have authority to represent and act on behalf of the owner of the copyright with exclusive rights to the photograph and to the material which have been infringed by www.nhne.com. GoDaddy is hosting the infringed photograph and material on www.nhne.com as explained above.

I request the NBC Dateline “True Believers” material be removed or the access to it be totally disabled to prevent any further infringement of the photograph and materials copyrighted by my client, Global Community Communications Alliance.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your assistance.


Celinas Ruth, Esq.

Global Family Legal Services
~~nonprofit legal services~~
Mail: P.O. Box 8001, Tumacacori, AZ 85640-8001
Office: 26 Tubac Rd., Suite A2. Tubac, AZ 85646 (Express Mail Only)
Office Tel: 520-398-3388 FAX: 760-418-4387



Spiritualution & Gabriel of Urantia
A 1998 Undercover Report About Gabriel Of Sedona/Urantia
Pulse on the Dark Side



  1. Regina

    I am the Regina from this Dateline episode in 1998. If there is any information I can furnish you regarding my experiences with ACC, please let me know. I feel it is important to spread the word.




    • Plato

      Time to do a Dateline follow up. There’s a lot going down in the community. I’m an ex-member, and can speak from personal experience that right now things are getting very dangerous for people in there, and for some that have left recently. It’s a big story awaiting more journalistic exposure. Gabriel is a terrible person, committing some outrageous immoral and illegal activity, as this is being written.

  2. Hi i want to learn anything i can about the group in tubac az tumococori, carmon az Gabriel, global family alliance etc etc etc Thanks Bruce duPont

  3. maria

    the video is still available from the wayback machine site

  4. tyler atkins

    I have experience with these people as my ex wife joined in 2014 with my kids. if anyone needs information I have tons of it.

    • Rachael Short

      I would love information on this. I had been a long time reader of the Urantia book and recently picked up the Cosmic Family books and there is something really wrong about them. The books read like a guideline to living in a cult. How did this happen? Who is this Gabriel guy? Thanks for your information!

  5. Plato

    I can be contacted for more information, as a former member. Time for everything to come out now, for the well-being of those in that want to leave but can’t, and those interested who could be drawn in.

  6. Sandra Pierce

    I had interactions with their hospice and found that they are cult like and while they advertise as faith-based they are cult-based and do are all brain washed and looking to bilk seniors for their estates.

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