ACISTE 2012 Annual Conference

ACISTE 2012 Annual Conference

Apr 25

“Butterfly Maiden – American Indian Goddess” by Sharon George


ACISTE 2012 Annual Conference:
Therapeutic Issues of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday October 18th to October 20th, 2012 Conference
Sunday, October 21st, 2012 Certificate Workshop


San Mateo Marriott near the San Francisco Airport
San Mateo, California

About the Conference

ACISTE provides education and certificate training for mental health professionals, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors and other professionals who wish to increase their competency and develop their expertise in working with clients who have had spiritually transformative experiences. The conference brings together researchers, experiencers and practicing professionals to present their expertise in this growing field of specialization and awareness.

Intended Audience:

• Psychologists
• Psychiatrists
• Psychotherapists
• Clinical Social Workers
• Marriage and Family Therapists
• Professional Counselors
• Addiction Counselors
• Pastoral Counselors
• Spiritual Directors

Agenda Topics include:

• Recognizing Spiritually Transformative Experiences in clinical practice

• Spiritually Transformative Experiences vs. pathology

• Changes, aftereffects and challenges following a spiritually transformative experience

• Integration models of a Spiritually Transformative Experience

• Spiritually Transformative Experiences throughout history

• Diversity of content, cross-cultural and subpopulations of experiencers

• Experiencer perspectives/needs assessments (case studies, study results)

• Clinical approaches and issues

Committed Presenters include:

• David Lukoff, Ph.D.
• Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
• Judith Miller, Ph.D
• Jan Holden, Ed.D., LPC-S, LMFT, NCC
• Ryan Rominger, Ph.D.
• Laura Suzanne Gordon, Ph.D.
• Barbara Whitfield, RT, CMT


• Dr. Paul Bernstein


ACISTE surveys of experiencers indicate both a significant need and desire for competent mental health professionals to help them with various issues following their STEs. A half-day workshop (October 21st) is available after the conference for those Mental health professionals, pastoral counselors and spiritual directors who wish to become ACISTE certified. Certificants will be included in an ACISTE online directory for self, support line and agency referrals. Attendance to the 3 day conference (October 18th-20st) is REQUIRED to attend this workshop. Enrollment in the workshop is required for certification. Additional requirements apply. A processing fee of $200 is required to attend this workshop to be paid at the time of conference registration. The processing fee is in addition to the registration fee and is not refundable.

For additional information, requirements and application, click here.


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