Actor Clint Walker Talks About His Near-Death Experience

Actor Clint Walker Talks About His Near-Death Experience

Sep 18


Actor Clint Walker, while being interviewed for the Extraordinary TV series, shares how an inner voice has guided and protected him his whole life. He also describes a near-death experience he had that was precipitated by ignoring his inner voice.



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  1. Really interesting video. I hope you’ll post this over at nhneneardeath.

  2. Just finished posting it. I posted it everywhere else, but forgot to get it up on the network. Thanks for the nudge, Robert…

  3. Loved the Series on TV, theme song so
    wonderful, had the biggest crush on Clint
    Walker (cheyenne) ever.
    Thanks for the voice and message, truly
    enjoyed it. I was watching Yellowstone
    Kelly, and hoped he was still living and
    enjoying life. A big fan. janice marie

  4. hueybarber

    i like his movies

  5. G. Dowdy

    Wow….your NDE is really something. God definitely has a plan for you. So glad HE pulled you through…glad you shared your story. Yes, there are guardian angels! Bless you for your good work!

  6. I am very glad you did not die cowboy. We worried about you and were shocked to hear about the accident. Always listen to your inner voice.

  7. Harold Rauch

    Hi there, I hear that numerous time about the sole or whatever leaving the body after you die. Some people were going in and out of the body during an operation, etc. I believe in God and aftermath of some sort. Thanks, Harold

  8. Just a nice human being. I watch Cheyenne every night. I’ve watch Clint Walker in other movies, and he gives such a great performance no matter what role he is in.

  9. Helen

    WHAT A MAN ! Thank you..

  10. Brian Carr

    Clint Walker is one of the best actors of his time, bring back more of his films. Well done Clint.

  11. He is such a great man He is living proof that the good lord our father is watching over us at all times Praise jesus

  12. sue Powell

    I have loved this man all my life. I was very to marry a man who people said looked like Clint and we called Cheyenne, we would have been together 54 years in July but he died in July Clint we still love you,,

  13. I know that there is a higher power looking over this man. I wish there were more men in today’s society who are just like him. Unfortunately, we don’t. He strikes me as a tender soul. I watch and enjoy all of his Cheyenne reruns everyday. I also love all his movies. You know? I’ve watched the movie, “The Ten Commandments” for years, and I never realize that Clint was in the entire movie. I wish Hollywood would have let him expand into other roles. Either way Mr. Walker, you are vastly admired.

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