All Things Integral (Updated)

All Things Integral (Updated)

Aug 27


Integral NHNE Articles & Resource Pages

• Andrew Cohen & The Dark Side of Enlightenment

• The Clearness Committee

Book: ‘Integral Dreaming – A Holistic Approach to Dreams’
• Book: The Integral Vision
• Book: Integral Life Practice
Book: Grace & Grit
• Andrew Cohen’s New Book: ‘Evolutionary Enlightenment’

• Michael Murphy: 50 Years of Esalen
• Esalen, Now 50 Years Old, Ponders Its Future
• Documentary: ‘Supernature: Esalen And The Human Potential’
• Michael Murphy: The Future Of The Human Body
Important: Stephen Dinan Interviews Esalen Founder Michael Murphy
Human Potential Pioneer George Leonard Dies
Interview With Jeffrey Kripal: Esalen’s Tantric Transhumanism
The Supernatural, Supernormal & Popular Culture Conference At Esalen
Esalen America & The Religion Of No Religion
Esalen: Top Hippie Enclave Is Hip Again

• Michael Murphy, George Leonard, Ken Wilber: Integral Transformative Practice
Esalen, Ken Wilber & Integral Life Practice
• Ken Wilber Describes His Savant-Like Abilities
• Nonviolent Communication & Integral Relationships
• Ken Wilber Discusses His Romantic Relationships & Fatherhood
Robert Augustus Masters: ‘The Art of Listening’
In Defense of Promiscuity; In Defense Of Chastity
The Pathwork Lectures of Relationships
• Shadow Work: Insights From The Pathwork Lectures
Robert Augustus Masters: Spiritual Bypassing
• Ken Wilber on the Shadow
Book: ‘Meeting The Shadow’
The Dark Side of Buddhism
• Genpo Roshi Admits Affair, Disrobes As Buddhist Priest
The Controversial Andrew Cohen
Rabbi Marc Gafni & Sexual Improprieties
• Ken Wilber & Adi Da
• Frank Visser on Ken Wilber
Using Psychotropic Drugs On An Integral Spiritual Path
• UFO: Stuart Davis Interviews Leslie Kean

The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth by David Sunfellow
• The Three Faces of God by David Sunfellow
• The Purpose of Life, Jesus & NDEs by David Sunfellow
• Robert Perry: ‘Loving Personhood Or Liberation From Personhood?’
• The Healthy Relationship Preamble
The Hopping Stone Vision
The VisionQuest Game







Overview Integral Websites

Wikipedia On The Integral Movement
Wikipedia On Integral Pioneers
Wikipeda On Michael Murphy
Integral Transformative Practice (George Leonard & Michael Murphy)
Wikipedia On Ken Wilber
Wikipeda On Andrew Cohen
Wikipedia On Sri Aurobindo


EnlightenNext Magazine (Andrew Cohen)

• Integral Rising
Integral Rising’s Resource Page
Integral Leadership Review
Integral Leadership Review Archive
Integral Life Practice Book
Integral Life Practice Kit


General Integral Websites

The Ken Wilber Life Footnotes Collection
Integral Life (Ken Wilber)
Integral Institute (Ken Wilber)
Integral Naked (Ken Wilber)
Integral Life Videos on Vimeo
Integral Naked On YouTube
Ken Wilber’s Website
Archive Of Ken Wilber Writings
The More Significant Writings Of Ken Wilber
JFK 2003 Weekend With Ken Wilber (73 audio files)
JFK 2002 Weekend With Ken Wilber (31 audio files)

Esalen Center For Theory & Research
The Esalen Archives Of Extraordinary Human Functioning

• The Great Integral Awakening

EnlightenNext (Andrew Cohen)
Evolutionary Enlightenment Podcasts (Andrew Cohen)
Andrew Cohen Blog

Institute of Noetic Sciences
Auroville (Sri Aurobindo)
Sri Aurobindo Studies

Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck)
Integral Enlightenment (Craig Hamilton)
Thank God For Evolution (Michale Dowd)
Big Mind (Genpo Roshi)
The Big Mind Process On YouTube
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Wikipedia On Barbara Marx Hubbard
The Association For Research & Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce)
Wikipedia On Edgar Cayce
The Anthroposophical Society (Rudolph Steiner)
Wikipedia On Rudolph Steiner
The Pathwork Foundation (Eva Pierrakos)
Robert Augustus Masters
Diane Bardwell Masters
Diane Musho Hamilton
Marc Gafni
Integral Heart (Terry Patten)
Stuart Davis
Craig Hamilton
Corey W. deVos
Integral Deep Listening (Joseph Dillard)
Dalai Lama Website
Wikipedia On Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama Center On YouTube
Mind & Life Institute
Eckhart Tolle

NHNE Pulse
Integral Praxis

Sounds True
Sounds True Podcasts With Tami Simon (outstanding free podcasts from Sounds True)
Buddhist Geeks (outstanding free podcasts from Buddhist Geeks)


Integral Salons, Centers, Communities, Meeting Places

General Ken Wilber Meetup Groups
Integral Communities & Salons
Open Source Integral
iEvolve: Gobal Practice Community
The Interdependence Project

The Integral Center
Pacific Integral
Integral Coaching Canada
Next Step Integral

IONS Community Groups

JFKU Integral Theory Program
California Institute of Integral Studies


Critical Integral Websites & Blogs

Integral World
Open Integral
Kheper On Ken Wilber


Integral Video Hubs

Integral Naked on YouTube
Integral Life on Vimeo
Integral Spirituality on Vimeo
JFKU Integral Theory on YouTube
Boulder Integral TV
Boulder Integral on YouTube
Boulder Integral on Vimeo
Sounds True on YouTube
Masters Center for Transformation
Pathwork Foundation
The Institute of Noetic Sciences on YouTube: Shfit In Action Series
The Institute of Noetic Sciences on YouTube
Findhorn on YouTube
Big Mind on YouTube
Michael Dowd on YouTube
Brian Swimme on YouTube
Singularity University On YouTube


Integral Audio Hubs

Integral Enlightenment: Awakening The Impulse To Evolve – Teleseminar Audio Archives

Craig Hamilton, Carter Phipps, Michael Dowd, Brian Swimme, Duane Elgin, Andrew Cohen, Jean Houston, Terry Patten, Connie Barlow, Elisabet Sahtouris

The Great Integral Awakening Audio Downloads

Michael Murphy, Ken Wilber, Sally Kempton, Andrew Cohen, Genpo Roshi, Diane Musho Hamilton, Steve McIntosh, Don Beck, Claire Zammit, Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Carter Phipps, Marc Gafni, Terry Patten, Craig Hamilton, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lama Surya Das


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  1. Their are some MDs practicing what we call Integrative Psychiatry and I think we are talking about the same thing. Peter Breggin, author of Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry and my husband Charles Whitfield author of Healing the Child Within and ten others including Not Crazy: You may not be mentally Ill. Both physicians are taking people slowly off of psych drugs and doing psychotherapy that includes the spiritual as well as integration of past traumas which we believe are driving symptoms. I joined Charlie in this practice 17 years ago and we do individual and group psychotherapy. Charlie is also at the CDC working on a project that shows that repeated trauma in childhood underlies most addiction, dangerous behaviors, much physical illness and early death.

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