An Insider’s View Of The James Arthur Ray Trial

An Insider’s View Of The James Arthur Ray Trial

Jul 02


By Shondra Jepperson
Friday, July 1, 2011

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Most of you know that for the past several months I’ve been running audio for the James Arthur Ray trial in the neighboring town of Camp Verde. Many people I’ve run into have asked me out of curiosity, how I landed this gig and what my take was on James Ray and the trial. After it was suggested by one of my closest friends and creative partners, Al Comello, I decided to share some of my stories and opinions in this way. Al, this one’s for you!

His original suggestion was for me to compose and submit an article to the local papers. He strongly felt that people around here would want to read something like this since he believes that I may be the only resident from Sedona who had the opportunity to work on this trial who wasn’t a reporter or had some group they were representing on one side or the other. I chose to post this “note” here on FB, which is perhaps more like a blog of sorts rather than an article. Hopefully, you’ll find some of this worth the read. I’ve got some behind the scenes fun stuff as well as my own thoughts about the case, James Ray and what I walked away with other than just having run sound for another client in another venue.

In April, I was called in from a dear and talented friend of mine, Greg Youtsey, to fill in for him as the audio tech running the LIVE hits for Court TV, CNN and Headline News on this trial. The plan was for him to run the sound in the courtroom while I did the LIVE hits in the outside trailer. Then once the end of April came he was scheduled to leave for Los Angeles to run audio for Court TV/CNN’s coverage of the Conrad Murray, (Michael Jackson’s doctor), trial.

At that time, the outside trailer was going away and the trial would be covered only in the courtroom as well as be recorded where I’d cover that job while Greg was away in Los Angeles. The Casey Anthony trial had pretty much eclipsed the James Ray coverage as far as LIVE hits so that’s why the trailer was sent away.

Are you still with me?

Once we got to that last week of April, it turned out that the Conrad Murray trial got postponed until September. All of the plans changed in an instant and Greg found himself coming back to run the sound in the courtroom throughout the month of May with me subbing for him occasionally so he could visit his daughter Zoey in San Diego.

Once we got into the later part of May, Greg’s daughter Zoey, who has been and still is in the hospital battling for her life with leukemia along with complications from surgeries and infections, became even more serious. Zoey’s condition with scheduled surgeries while trying to get her healed enough to make her high school graduation in mid June, gave even greater reasons for him to be by her side. These circumstances put me in the position of filling in for Greg in the courtroom for the entire month of June. BIG thanks to Mitchell, owner of the company who contracts with Court TV who allowed me to be Greg’s fill in.

A huge thank you goes out to each of you who have been praying for Greg’s daughter Zoey. Although not out of the woods yet, I am happy to report that Zoey did indeed graduate with her classmates on June 16th with Greg wheeling her up to receive her diploma while her whole family cheered her on.

Thank you God!

It may be important to mention that people round these parts are more familiar with me as someone they see performing on stage in various combinations whether it’s with my partner husband as Tom & Shondra or whether it’s my Emceeing, acting in a play or musical at our regional theatre, Canyon Moon Theatre, one of three Sedona Divas or producing various projects and events around Sedona. Truth be known, I’ve worked as a sound techie for years setting up and running professional sound for festivals, bands, events, panels of speakers as well as our gigs. Running sound was not foreign to my experience and being that said, this environment was a new one for me. I’d not ever run sound in a courtroom before, let alone run and record it for Court TV/CNN and have it streaming LIVE. Back in late April, when Greg had mentored me through the process, (thank you Greg!), neither of us realized at the time that I’d be filing in for him more than either of us knew.

Being that this particular high profile case had to do with a tragedy that happened in our own backyard in the surrounding area of Sedona, this held some personal interest for me for many reasons. Lemme tell ya, it was like having a front row seat and a back stage pass. This case is also somewhat significant in there is no record of cases having to do with sweat lodges so this was new territory for the lawyers and the judge in more ways than one.

Happy to be short, on the slim side and agile, I was able to get in and around the tight squeeze of the sound board, digital recording deck, camera and dozens of cords in the corner of the back of the left side of the courtroom. With respect to the cable mess, I now know first hand that you don’t’ get a lot of time to set up sound gear in a courtroom and time constraints were fairly strict in this one. There was a LOT of gear in there and lord only knows how long the crew had time to install everything. When I first got back around the gear I was going to be working at, I was a bit nervous that I might accidentally unplug something.

As fate would have it, to my chagrin, the very first day on the job there in the courtroom, my left foot touched one of the power strips that was plugged into yet another power strip and out came the cable that plugged in the digital tape deck! Have you ever panicked quietly??? I can honestly say that I have! Ha! YIKES! Thank goodness for Dennis, the cameraman on the job who was kind enough to help me find how to reset the recorder without too much of a noisy fuss and still being able to do his own job.

Thank you Dennis!!!

Dennis was to my right while we digitally taped everything and often streamed LIVE on We could see the Well of the courtroom where all the action with the attorneys was happening, the jury in front of us on the left, the prosecution in front of us on the left side of the courtroom and the defense lawyers in front on the right side. My job was riding 10 microphones that were previously set up around the courtroom. I had to anticipate where the lawyers would move and ride the mic nearest them, as well as anticipate when they would object and when the judge would decide to talk. Formatting digital disks, changing batteries on cordless mics during breaks and keeping watch on the tape deck to make sure levels were good while recording. Staying focused and awake was a challenge at times with the hours of questioning especially when it was the same question with the same witness over and over and over again…lol.

As I mentioned earlier, in April, I spent a lot of time being the audio person on the team in the trailer outside where we fed LIVE interviews to CNN & Headline News in New York which was first sent via satellite to Atlanta. Court TV’s correspondents like Beth Karas and producer Michael Christian would be ready to give their reports daily. We would sometimes be on stand by for more LIVE hits — sometimes up to five in the morning.

This can be confusing so I’m gonna do my best to explain a few things just for the sake of clarity in knowing a bit about how all of this was set up and worked. TruTV, what used to be the Court TV Channel, is now owned by Ted Turner’s CNN. The show IN Session, (aka Court TV program), is now only broadcast on TruTV in the mornings until 3PM Eastern time. The regular CNN and Headline News Channels are separate and broadcasts coverage 24/7 so when IN Session on TruTV was over each day, we would be on stand by for LIVE hits with both CNN and Headline News Channels.

So now I’m really going to confuse you and mention that besides Mitchell’s trailer there was also Mitchell’s satellite truck parked nearby in which Mitchell was receiving the LIVE feeds from us as well as the courtroom. This was how everything was being sent to Atlanta and New York — via Mitchell’s satellite truck. By the way, Mitchell’s satellite truck is awesome. A full wall of monitors on one side with direction controls in which Mitchell would operate and a whole other area with monitors where the Court TV producers and correspondents could sit and compose their daily accounts on their laptops.

Since we had to keep our pulse on all the channels, there were three monitors in the trailer. One tuned to TruTV’s program IN Session for those LIVE hits in the mornings and CNN/Headline News in the afternoons. The 2nd monitor was receiving the feed from the courtroom so the correspondent could watch and compose his/her report for the hit. The third monitor was a small one mounted on a stand for the correspondent who was seated in a lit area ready to report on air with either choice of channel or courtroom to watch.

The cameraman, correspondent and I in the trailer as well as Mitchell in the truck, waited on headsets for Atlanta to contact us for the scheduled LIVE hit coming up and check for a good connection form us. We could hear the conversations and directions being given to crew and correspondents by the directors. It was interesting to watch the show on TV while listening to directions we heard on our headsets to the correspondents on the air. Hearing jokes and comments that no one else but the Atlanta/New York crew and correspondent on air was hearing during guest interviews was pretty cool. One had to remember that if the audio feed was up in the trailer and truck, Atlanta heard our conversations too.

Dennis our cameraman who was working the courtroom throughout the trial also worked the outside trailer on Mondays since the judge had ruled Mondays would be a day off in the courtroom. Greg had told me that I’d enjoy working with Dennis, that he would make me feel right at home cause he made friends with everyone easily, always making it his business to know everyone in the wherever he worked. I was also warned that he was a prankster and quite a comedian.

Greg couldn’t have been more accurate! The first day I worked with Dennis on the LIVE hits in the outside trailer, after admitting that I was not a fan of bugs, he quickly disappeared to his car to grab a hand full of plastic black cockroaches and upon his speedy return to the trailer, strategically placed a few of them on the seat that I was planning to sit on. Scared the hell outta me — BIG laugh for both of us!

In the courtroom, he had the very strict bailiff in the courtroom and everyone else, cracking up with his replies during her instructions on conduct after each recess. After a while, I think the bailiff actually looked forward to his antics. The barking cell phone, the hard candies he’d flaunt, blurting out choice comedic comments that all of us wished to say but didn’t have the guts to!

It’s safe to say that Dennis had said Hi or casually chatted being friendly to everyone for the exception of jurors and witnesses who were off limits by law. Dennis had gotten to know the whole working staff at Starbucks in Camp Verde plus folks working at the Out Of Africa Park, by name (tigers included) and most likely visa versa! Clearly, everybody loves Dennis!

I ran the audio in the trailer when one of the Court TV producers interviewed James Arthur Ray’s mother. No matter how one stands on their opinion on whether JAR is guilty or not, one could only feel compassion for his mother. She, like most moms out there, loves her son deeply and it was obvious by what she said, along with the emotion she displayed, that she could not even fathom how anyone could find JAR arrogant, let alone guilty. She stood firmly on her belief that it was all an accident and that her son never meant any harm. I felt her sincerity and sadness as she openly expressed for the victims and their families.

I remember making eye contact with James Ray for the first time in the courtroom. It was odd. The look was almost like he knew me and I felt very uncomfortable and turned away. I’m sure my knowing what he was being prosecuted for as well as having my own feelings about it promoted my discomfort but as the weeks went I never found his eyes soulful — for me, they were more like a shark’s eyes — nothing there. They were far from alluring.

Gotta add this — I found James Ray’s energy peculiarly strange, dark and yet overtly charismatic — more than the dangerous type — the kind of man that one could imagine women fawning over due to his presence. When he’d walk into the courtroom you knew it. I often imagined how he must have been when he was conducting his seminars when he was really “on” running his own show. What could he have been like with an air of power, fame and financial wealth when he was really riding high? The kind of authoritative figure that could trigger certain people to do whatever was put in front of them in order to make him proud of them. There were several witnesses that confirmed my original feels with their testimony to this. Wanting to show off for him as to get recognized out of the crowd so as to meet his approval. Even under the tensions of the circumstances in the courtroom, a bit of arrogance emanated from him.

Passing by JAR in the hallways, his opening the courtroom door for me once as well as walking down the stairs of the courthouse on the last day shoulder to shoulder with him, I felt oddly uneasy. I found myself taking precautions not to make eye contact with him but tried my best anyway to at least act relaxed and casual around him as my cohorts appeared to be but had no success with it. I never casually chatted with him either, unlike our producer Jim, cameraman Dennis and some reporters who were with us each day waiting in the hallway with JAR and his team before the courtroom doors opened every morning or during recesses. I never had a desire to chat with him.

Despite my own take on everything with the case and at times feeling abhorred by what I heard he did or didn’t do, I found myself feeling a bit of compassion for him — just couldn’t find my way into maintaining eye contact with the man. One day back in May, while many of us were waiting in the hallway to get back into the courtroom after lunch, someone on his team made a joke about something that had been said in testimony regarding the talking to ants. There were lawyers and reporters laughing out loud about it and I took a glance over to my left where James Ray was sitting about 6 ft. away from me reading a book to see if he was amused. He only looked over at them briefly and then stoically continued to read. What could he have been thinking, I wondered? (What book was he reading?) For a moment, I actually felt sad for him — his team laughing while his life, freedom and reputation were all on the line — just seemed a bit callous on their parts under the given circumstances with their client sitting right there. I found it inappropriate and distasteful.

During May and June, the courtroom was full of the same faces. Not just media and family members, but people who I guess wanted to be there every day to watch how all of this unfolded. Must mention that there were several Lakota tribe members sitting on our side of the courtroom for weeks. Many were taking notes besides listening to the accounts stated by witnesses. It became quite apparent over the course of the weeks of testimony that, James Ray’s so called “sweat lodge” was in truth a heat endurance test of some kind. I can only imagine the anguish and distress that all of this has brought upon the Indian nations. Some must feel extremely violated in that something so sacred as a sweat lodge, which is part of their history and spiritual beliefs, had been perverted into a heat endurance exercise where people needlessly lost their lives.

While I worked on this trial from April on, I overheard many people around me discussing their opinions on “sweat lodges,” and no offense, but most of their comments came out of ignorance. On occasion, I’d put my two cents in, trying to explain that James Ray’s version of a sweat lodge was not by any means even remotely close to an authentic lodge. As I did my best to describe the differences, they listened with nary a response.

For those who wonder or don’t know first hand, real authentic sweat lodges are safe when conducted by people who’ve put years into being students of sweat lodges and have studied with Indians. Those people understand their true spiritual and traditional meaning and absolutely know that it has very little to do with how hot you get the lodge. Back in 1999 in San Diego, Tom and I, my sister, several friends and others experienced a sweat lodge together. Tom and my sister had a history of having some experiences of their own been in sweat lodges and they were good ones. The person leading this lodge had studied the sweat lodge traditions with Indians for over 30 years.

There were 12 of us in the one we all attended, which included the leader. It cost us $30.00 each which paid for the space and the campsite we slept on that night. We were taught about the sweat lodge most of the day, we even made the sweat lodge ourselves with breathable blankets. We were also instructed and encouraged over and over again throughout the day by the leader of the lodge that if for any reason at all if we needed to leave the lodge, even during a round, all we needed to do was to say so and we would be let out. As a matter of fact, during the first round, one person did ask to leave and was excused without hesitation. The lodge was hot but not scorching as to feel your skin burning or not being able to breathe. It was more like a moist hot sauna and for me, it felt quite calming and nurturing. Four to five rocks were brought in at each round and before every round we were all led out of the lodge to drink water, splash water on ourselves and cool down before returning if we wanted to continue. There was never any peer pressure to go back in or not to leave. I believe we did six or seven rounds. This was not a heat endurance event. It was always about prayer, sharing intentions around the circle and other times just being in that still quiet space that felt relaxed and safe. No one became unconscious, (nor was warned they would), or dragged out of the lodge and no one was hosed down by someone else with the possible shock of cold water.

During the weeks we heard from witness after witness with coinciding recollections, doctors and medical examiners with graphic reports. For weeks the first two rows behind the prosecuting lawyers were filled with friends and family of the victims who had flown from across the country to be there. A lot of what we heard from the witness stand was distressing and how family members and friends managed to endure some of it was beyond me. We not only heard audio recordings of JAR explaining to the participants that day about what they were to expect in his version of a sweat lodge including all of his “rules” but we also heard audio recordings of a few of the deceased victims. These tapes were eerie to listen to but were all telling about the characters of the people speaking.

It was obvious to everyone who heard these recordings that the victims were intelligent, loving, caring individuals. The audio recording of James Shore really stands out in my memory as he stated his intentions of the kind of person he was focused on being in this lifetime. He was obviously living his intentions. It was stated several times by witnesses that despite his own weakened state, James Shore had been seen dragging an unconscious participant out of the tent himself, past JAR who was sitting near the door. Upon coming back into the tent, he bumped his head in which left a nasty bruise on his forehead that later the examiner would note. Exhausted and not feeling well himself, he returned inside the tent to sit/lie down next to Kirby Brown and spent the rest of his life — literally — comforting her. We learned that he had called out for help twice and both times denied. Many of the witnesses told the same story of how he held Kirby’s hand while hearing him say “sweet” encouraging things to her that everything was going to be fine. We all realized, as this information came pouring out of witness’s mouths, that while Kirby laid there dying, James took his last breaths alongside her filling his intention of wanting to be of service. It would be fair to say that James Shore lived his intentions of conducting his life with pure love, compassion and integrity right up to the moment he passed — God bless him.

The arguments, discussions and the composing of statements agreed by both parties with the judge to “fix” inappropriate things said by either party in front of the jury was educational. There is a lot that the jury did not hear. I’m sure this is fairly common although I learned from the people I was around that some of this was excessive. In these moments, I learned some things about how our judicial system works in a courtroom and it answered a lot of questions I had regarding why certain pieces of information were not allowed to be included in this case. Not hard to note that a few of the lawyers couldn’t stand each other and some of what they put on the record sounded like preteens fighting.

The discussions with the Court TV crew, CNN producers and correspondents during these months were just as, if not more, stimulating. Most everyone I worked with had been with Court TV for 10, 12 and 18 years. One producer Jim Kyle, who is a terrific guy, had worked with NBC and Dateline for many years as both an editor and producer. They’d seen it all and their comments, stories and opinions regarding everything to do with this case as verses other trials they’d worked on, was an education unto itself. I loved it. I found everyone from Court TV/CNN crew to be upstanding, honorable and respectful professionals.

I think I counted four times in which I heard the defense request a mistrial and from what I learned about the law, the judge could have easily granted it to them especially the first time they asked back in April. It was all the buzz back then on Court TV. All the correspondents were completely convinced that the judge was no doubt going to call a mistrial due to a Brady Rule offence. Description reads — “Suppression of exculpatory evidence in a criminal case — the failure of prosecutors to reveal exculpatory evidence to defendants and their attorneys which may result in an unjust conviction.” The defense team made sure that this hung over the prosecuting lawyers throughout the rest of the trial. Regardless of what side one thinks is just, there are rules to how our judicial system works and certainly none of us would want to be a defendant subject to a court in which rules were broken thus possibly in the end, being wrongly judged.

Running sound the days of the closing arguments was like watching a TV courtroom drama. The defense’s closing arguments was dramatic — not too far off from something we’d see on the show Boston Legal. I happen to be a fan of such TV dramas so I was certainly wide awake during that part! As far as casting, if the actor James Spader were Asian, he would have done a find job playing the defense lawyers Luis Lee. I have to say, Lee’s was dynamic in his closing.

My last day working with Court TV/CNN was the day that the verdict came in on Wednesday, June 22nd. When we learned that the jury had a verdict it was close to 2:30PM. News of the verdict coming in, worked its way down the crowed hallway from one person to the next and all of us quickly filed into the courtroom. The jury was due in at 2:50PM with the clerk announcing the verdict and as stated, the jurors came in only a minute or two shy of that.

We all listened quietly — James Ray’s parents, brother and entourage of friends and cohorts on one side, with family and friends of the victims on the other side in front of where we were set up in the back. The other media such as Dateline, Phoenix TV reporters, a photographer and press from the Arizona Republic Newspaper and other reporters including the L.A. Times, were there poised at their laptops. It felt like the room was holding it’s breath in anticipation before the verdicts were read.

After the clerk announced not guilty on the first count of Manslaughter but then guilty for Negligent Homicide, we all became aware that the jury had no doubt decided this on all three counts. As our predictions came true with the clerk continuing to announce guilty of Negligent Homicide, the defense team was visibly shaken. There was a sense of silent despair and shock from that side of the room. The side we were on, the victim’s family members and friends were quietly crying, consoling one another. One woman couldn’t help but discreetly stretch her arms up above her head several times with a gesture silently that conveyed “Yes! Thank you!”

Had I been a juror — you might ask me, did I agree on their decision?


The trial continued on June 28, 29th and the 30th without Court TV there to capture the scheduled witnesses who testified in front of the jury regarding the aggravating factors. These testimonies were extremely important in the jury and judge’s decision regarding the severity of James Ray’s sentence. In the end, the jury could only agree that James Arthur Ray was guilty on only one of the three counts of the aggravating factors in which was extreme emotional harm to the victims and their families plus one additional factor – that Ray had a unique position of trust – in the case of Liz Neuman. The judge finally dismissed the jury on the 30th and now it’s up to him to determine what the sentencing will be. The next court date is scheduled for July 25th although we are hearing that the sentencing might not take place until August. That means that JAR will have at least most of July to mull over what his life may be facing next. He may be given as little as probation, serve a few months or years in prison or face the full maximum sentence of nine years. The maximum eleven years was changed to nine years due to the jury’s verdict on the aggravating factors.

Many of my friends have asked me, do you think James Ray will be acquitted?

I think that if James Ray is sentenced to serve time in jail, his attorneys will definitely implore an appellate court and they might have substantial evidence on record to be granted one. Remember though, James Ray, if sentenced to serve time, will be in jail during this process. If an appeal is granted, his business will never be the same. He has been hit and his practices exposed.

Like maybe some of you reading this, I’m definitely into self introspect, wanting to learn, grow and expand more spiritually as well as alleviate anything within me that might hold up my successes in areas of my life in which I wish to attain. I’ve never been a self help junkie although I have admired many motivational speakers barring James Arthur Ray, whom I hadn’t heard of him prior to this tragedy probably cause I’m the only one on the planet who didn’t see the movie The Secret…lol. Being that I’ve been conducting my life with Religious Science of Mind and Unity practices, when The Secret came out, I just laughed and said, “Secret? The Secret is there IS no secret!” Religious Science of Mind and Unity have been teaching the law of attraction since their inception!

I’ve enjoyed my share of good self help like books. In the past, Tom and I both finished the whole Tony Robbins 25 audio program a few times, we’ve written in countless journals of gratitude, our thoughts and experiences for years. We studied Reiki, EFT and a few other modalities from some qualified individuals.

You would not find either of us spending $10,000 to attend a retreat such as James Ray’s Spiritual Warrior event. If we had a spare $10,000, we wouldn’t be spending it on a seminar believe me!

One of the ways in which I’ve been affected from having been amidst all of this for several months is – I don’t look at the Self Help world quite the same way anymore. Not that I ever thought that some motivational speaker was the end all answer. I’ve known way better than that. I just don’t think I’ll ever be signing up to fire walk or hot coals. Although one day, when it’s with a credible Native American leader, if I’m ever invited, will participate in a sweat lodge again.

Bear in mind that these statements below are to remind myself of things I’ve either known or have come to a deeper understanding of during this time. The following statements are in no way declarations of some kind of dogma or truth for you or anyone else — only for myself. People just keep asking me… did you learn anything from this experience. Here we go! AND If you’d like to add to this list, go for it! I’d LOVE for you to share them with me!

1. Keep your head about you and your heart open no matter how awesome people think you are. Any and all of us are subject to making wrong choices when we allow our ego to run amuck and guide our lives.

2. Stay conscious with your own set of boundaries. When you see red flags — wait, think and breathe…”Do not pass Go.” No one knows you like YOU know you. Follow your own instincts. AND always remember, it’s okay to say no OR yes regardless of other people pushing you one way or the other.

3. If you take on a leadership role, best to be a responsive and responsible one by putting those people who you are leading, first. No matter what, if you’re the leader, you are the person people are depending on and with that, you better be totally aware, on your game and ready to face anything head on responsibly.

4. Best to teach/preach/motivate by being the example or don’t put yourself in that position. You will be watched and you most likely will be judged.

5. The answers are not out there somewhere or from someone outside yourself. Messengers may have terrific messages but they themselves are not the answer. Most of those kinds of answers can be found by being still and quiet in prayer or/and meditation or just being out in nature on a hike or walk. If it’s about finding yourself, look in a mirror!

6. BALANCE. Anything in extreme is unnatural and will find it’s way back to the state of balance. You will find balance in environments of nature, our bodies and the Universe as a whole. Life is about balance. If continually pushed out of balance, circumstances will arise by taking extreme means in returning things or you, to a state of balance.

*I’ve viewed several clips of shows that James Ray had been on and over and over he states that he does not believe in “Balance.” Perhaps this is part of what this whole tragic scenario has been about for him as well as the events he’s held.

Being an optimist, I firmly believe that amidst this horrific tragedy, there are some positive things being born from it. Corrections are taking place. Balance is being returned and acknowledged. This tragedy shed light on and literally stopped the continuation of JAR events being held in which people have been harmed. Perhaps a true understanding regarding sweat lodges will come forth with some new respect to our Native American brothers and sisters. Hopefully this will start to end Charlatans from abusing this sacred ceremony for financial gain. With this, James Shore, Kirby Brown and Liz Neuman did not die in vein but rather heros to be celebrated.

If you want to keep updated on this case, visit the Tragedy of Sedona Facebook page. You’ll find info, comments, videos and updates on what James Arthur Ray s up to. A lot of people are watching his every move. Here is a recent post.

“JAR sent an email through the National Speakers Association’s email link (to the group of speaking professionals that have the Certified Speaking Professional designation) begging for his fellow speaker colleagues to send letters of support to the judge in testament to his character and commitment to doing good works.”


It will be fascinating to see how all of this pans out. Thank you for taking the time to read this. My best goes out to all the friends and families of the victims.


Here’s a photo of Shondra Jepperson. Her website is located here.




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  1. Victoria Oldham

    This is a deeply insightful, truly eye-opening account of the James Ray trial. Thank you, Shondra, for sharing your incredibly detailed account with everyone!

  2. Three cheers from me, too, Shondra.

  3. Hypatia

    Some years ago, perhaps 2005, I attended one of the JAR free events our of curiosity. I decided not to sign up for his costly events. He was quite persuasive, even intimidating to get people to sign up. I remember him saying things that essentially meant if you were not bold enough to take control of your life you’d have to settle for being a loser and not getting much out of life. I found it rather insulting, actually. I was glad I didn’t sign up. I had other uses for the money I had, and I didn’t wish to reward someone who talked down to his audience with such arrogance as he exhibited that evening.

    I am sad for those who lost their lives. I am also not all that surprised to hear the testimony of those present – who also spoke of his arrogance. I feel like I dodged a bullet by not caving in to his threats of living a failed life if I didn’t sign up for his expensive courses.

    Thank you for a very interesting inside track read on the proceedings in court. I am quite curious how this will all shake out at sentencing. He deserves a comeuppance.

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