Ancient Egyptian Math Is Identical To Math Used In Modern Computers

Ancient Egyptian Math Is Identical To Math Used In Modern Computers

Dec 17


By Nicholas Graham
The Huffington Post
December 16, 2010

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In 2008 mathematician and author Michael S. Schneider put together this incredible video illustrating how the mathematics used by Ancient Egyptians is identical to that used in computers today.

Initially we shook our heads in confusion when Schneider said this, but it all becomes very clear as he takes you through the process, simply and elegantly demonstrated on his large notepad.

The Ancient Egyptians figured out how to do multiplication without memorizing times tables, and how to do long division without that horrible half box that was the bane of your early childhood.

We took their tricks and built computers with them. WHOA.




  1. Stephen Clementson

    Superb demonstration.

  2. I thought so too.

  3. You appear to have found the Egyptian mirror of the Proto-Vedic same binomial numerators, via the Manugala Yantra, Meru Prastara, and AUMkara.
    Some of these binomials were self evident in Egyptian ideograms… thank you for taking it one step further. Ananda

  4. Pretty much as good as you are at overlaying this you’re going to put together yourself to write a e book on the topic… and I will likely be your first buyer.

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  6. higher principles..

    check out the series “Magical Egypt”, it is absolutely fantastic, and includes a segment with Michael Schneider in it as well, both are fantastic (the series and his specific segment)..

    i am -not- affiliated with their ‘company’ and am not the type to promote or hype anything, but that dvd series should be required viewing for all humanity..

    some of the parts are better than others (it is an 8-part series), but overall a must-have for anyone that can afford it (please note i’m too poor to buy anything, i seen them online lol.. whichever way you get to see them, do it lol..)

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