Andrew Cohen’s New Book: ‘Evolutionary Enlightenment’

Andrew Cohen’s New Book: ‘Evolutionary Enlightenment’

Aug 20


Press Release
August 20, 2011

Dear friend,

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Cohen’s new book, Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening (SelectBooks, September 2011) is now available to pre-order online!

In Evolutionary Enlightenment, Cohen redefines spiritual awakening for our contemporary world — a world characterized by exponential change and an ever-expanding appreciation for the processes of evolution. Based on 25 years of groundbreaking work as a spiritual teacher, and the editor-in-chief of the award-winning EnlightenNext magazine, Cohen presents an original spiritual path, practice, and philosophy focused entirely on aligning yourself with what he calls “the evolutionary impulse.”

His message is simple, yet profound: Life is evolution, and enlightenment is about waking up to this fundamentally creative impulse as your own deepest, most authentic self. Through five tenets for living an enlightened life, Cohen will empower you to wholeheartedly participate in the process of change as your own spiritual practice. Evolutionary Enlightenment not only makes deep sense of life today, it will show you how to play an active role in shaping the world of tomorrow.

The book will be published on September 26th, but if you pre-order today, you will receive the following gifts:

– Andrew Cohen’s “5 Principles of Evolution” digital audio series

– A chance to win a signed copy of Evolutionary Enlightenment

Evolutionary Enlightenment has already been lauded by some of today’s most respected authors and visionaries, including integral philosopher Ken Wilber, who describes it as “one of the most significant spiritual books in the postmodern world.” Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard calls it “one of the seminal books of our time,” and human potential pioneer Jean Houston has dubbed it “a spiritual masterpiece.” In the foreword to the book, Deepak Chopra says that Cohen “made me believe that there has never been a better time to be enlightened.”


Joel Pitney
Director of Publicity


Advance Praise for Evolutionary Enlightenment:

“If you think that Andrew Cohen’s latest book will be yet another description of traditional ‘enlightenment’ then you will be in for a huge surprise.”

— Don Edward Beck, PhD, author of Spiral Dynamics and founder of Center for Human Emergence

“Andrew Cohen has arrived at an insight that is crucial for our historical situation. Enlightenment is not a movement out of the everyday world but is instead a profound entrance into deep participation in the evolution of the universe. Rarely have I encountered such simple, searing wisdom connecting religious ideas about enlightenment with the scientific understanding of an evolutionary cosmos.”

— Brian Swimme, PhD, author of The Universe Story

“We are living in a time of profound transformation. Learning to navigate the dynamic changes that are unfolding offers each of us the chance to embrace our role as conscious agents in the evolutionary process. Cohen’s insightful book takes us into this dynamic process, empowering us to co-create a future for our collective awakening.”

— Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, President and CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Cohen describes not only the territory of Evolutionary Enlightenment, he provides the vehicle for making the journey. In a wise and generous voice he describes how—not in some future time but now—each of us can respond to the evolutionary impulse seeking to emerge in, through, and as every human being, birthing an enlightened society.”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation

“Like Sri Aurobindo, the great spiritual and evolutionary pathfinder for the twentieth century, in Andrew Cohen we have just such a pathfinder for our own era. In Andrew’s writing, as in his person, we experience directly the living Eros of the divine, urging always toward transformation and ultimately toward evolution.”

— Allan Combs, author of Consciousness Explained Better


From The Forward By Deepak Chopra

When books speak to you personally, you hear the author’s voice whispering, not just in your ear but to your deepest yearning. Andrew Cohen did that for me, making me believe something I long to be true: There has never been a better time to be enlightened. When I was a child, it was easy to feel left behind. I was born too late to shoot arrows beside Arjuna, meditate under the Bodhitree with the Buddha, or sit on an olive-covered hillside in Galilee hearing the Sermon on the Mount. There is a pervasive sense, even in advanced spiritual circles, that we are looking overour shoulders at the epochs when humans were closer to God or to their souls or to the promise of Moksha.

So it’s heartening to hear a teacher who insists, with passion and a clear voice, that we haven’t been left behind. This is only one of the messages to be found in these pages. Andrew has the pulse of modern life at his fingertips. His diagnosis of the demands and distractions of our noisy, busy world shows the accuracy of a skilled diagnostician. But long ago, when I spent many hours a day diagnosing patients, I learned that none of them would take any advice until they understood, quite basically, what the first step to healing needed to be. That first step was always the same: “You’re going to get better.” Reassurance is medicine, even if it can’t be bottled, and in this book Andrew touched me with a deep sense of reassurance: Don’t worry. There’s a place for the seeker. The universe has collaborated to bring you here, to this moment, so that you can wake up.

The famous adage is wrong: The journey of a thousand miles doesn’t begin with the first step. It begins with the assurance that you can take the first step. Many people lack that assurance, for all kinds of reasons. Some feel unworthy to seek beyond the limited territory of the known; some feel trapped behind walls or inwardly blocked; some feel paralyzed by timidity, fear, doubt, and skepticism in all their dubious coloring. When Andrew asks, Why do some people develop a passion for spirituality while others don’t?, the answer he gives agrees perfectly with my own perspective: they haven’t awakened to the evolutionary impulse within.



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