Anita Moorjani & Wayne Dyer On The Aware Show

Anita Moorjani & Wayne Dyer On The Aware Show

Mar 14


March 8, 2012

Best-selling author and teacher Wayne Dyer joins Anita Moorjani to discuss her miraculous recovery from cancer and many other thought-provoking subjects. Topics include: what it’s like on the other side of life; how to enter the deeper state of consciousness that permeates all life; past lives, parallel universes, and multi-dimensional realities; how past lives (and future lives) are all happening right now; how every possibility exists right now — including miraculous healings — and you can switch from one reality to another by understanding this; how we are all God; how we have become a culture that is pathologically fearful; how there is too much fear around cancer (and illnesses in general); how cancer (and other illnesses) can arise out of our body’s attempt to heal itself and should be welcomed as such; how Wayne Dyer has dealt with his leukemia; the importance of being ourselves and living life fearlessly; how to practically apply the information discussed in this interview.

About 22 minutes into the interview Anita explains how she can still return to the state she experienced during her NDE:

“It’s actually the opposite of focusing or choosing … it’s almost like a release, like a letting go, like a surrender … so there is no goal or anything … it’s like any sense of wanting to attain anything has to be released. This is the dichotomy: even the desire to attain that state has to be released, so it’s literally a state of total release and total surrender, so there is no attachment to anything physical, any outcome or even the physical body … Once I do that … it feels as though I have access to the infinity, to the higher, to the unlimited, to the potential, to the ambiguity. The minute you put limitations on it, ANY kind of limitation, even the limitation of ‘this is the state I want’, you are limiting the possibility. It really means opening yourself up to absolutely anything … with NO expectations, and you become available to everything, absolutely everything.”

Listen to this stirring discussion here.




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  1. Carol

    It’s wonderful that Anita got healed, but it takes years of life to learn empathy. My husband died a year ago from cancer and he was a very spiritually aware being. People who are grieving don’t like to hear about people who have been healed from cancer by miraculous means. It makes them feel like they did something wrong or just plain don’t deserve to live. I wish there were a bit more empathy here.

    • Tamsin

      I feel your pain Carol. My husband died of cancer 2 years ago at the relatively young age of 54, and not an hour passes when I don’t think about him. However, I’m comforted by the fact he had a conversation with someone unseen just before he, happily, passed.

      However I don’t believe Anita’s story lacks empathy, this isn’t a competition. She has spent a great deal of time sharing her experiences with those of us looking for meaning. And it helps :)

  2. Rio

    I personally find Anita’s book and interviews to be enormously empathic! My wife of 35 years died of cancer 3 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and miss her. Anita’s story has helped me tremendously to deal with her loss and I am grateful to her for so freely and openly sharing her story with the world.

  3. Hi Rio. Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear that Anita’s story has been so helpful to you. We’re doing a series of classes on her book and experience in Sedona right now. You can find out more by going here: This link includes a summary of her book for those who might be interested.

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