Book: Stripping the Gurus

Book: Stripping the Gurus

Aug 10

Stripping The GurusStripping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse and Enlightenment
By Geoffrey D. Falk

“Armed with wit, insight, and truly astonishing research, Geoffrey Falk utterly demolishes the notion of the enlightened guru who can lead devotees to nirvana. This entertaining and yet deadly serious book should be read by everyone pursuing or thinking of pursuing the path of guru devotion.”

— John Horgan, author of Rational Mysticism

“Stripping the Gurus is superb — one of the best books of its kind I have ever read. The research is meticulous, the writing engaging, and the overall thesis: devastatingly true. A stellar book.”

— Dr. David C. Lane, California State University

“This gripping and disturbing book should be read by anyone who finds themselves revering a spiritual teacher.”

— Susan Blackmore, author of The Meme Machin

“No one involved in contemporary spirituality can afford to ignore this book. It exposes the darker side of modern spiritual movements, those embarrassing — sometime vicious or criminal — reports which the leaders of these movements prefer to hide. With wit and humility, and without abandoning the verities of religion, Falk has provided a corrective critique of groups that peddle enlightenment and transcendence. A must!”

— Len Oakes, author of Prophetic Charisma


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