Cartoon: ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction’

Cartoon: ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction’

Oct 23

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  1. Ha! Excellent!

  2. Simon Limbrick

    Like it!

  3. BJ Appelgren

    Thanks, great cartoon!

  4. Something else that plays right into prevalant American stereotypes about Muslims. Would you be circulating this if the object were fundamentalist Christians or Zionist Christians? Disappointing for the lack of cultural objectivity it implies.

  5. Tamsin

    I’m with Joseph Dillard on this one and becoming int NNHE’s continuing push to a perceived Christian only agenda.

  6. Tamsin

    glitcch: That should read ‘increasingly concerned at NNHE’s continuing …’

    PS Even David Sunfellow had to insist one of his ‘afterlife’ films was not from a solely Christian perspective, even though it blatantly was. And this, BEFORE the film was published.

  7. Good point, Joseph.

  8. And to answer your question, yes, I would be circulating it if the object was fundamental Christians or Zionist Christians. I have, in fact, run many, many articles over the years calling into question many Christian beliefs and practices. You can find a few of these posted here: Look for: Stephen Colbert: ‘If This Is Going To Be A Christian Nation…’, Bill Maher: The Hypocrisy Of Christians, Derren Brown Documentary: ‘Miracles For Sale’, The Book of Mormon Musical, 1972 Best Documentary: Marjoe (Watch It Here)… NHNE’s archive is also full many stories dealing with controversies in the Catholic Church and other wings of Christianity. I have, in fact, given the dark and undeveloped side of Christianity far more attention than anything having to do with Islam.

  9. Tamsin, did you actually watch both Part One AND Part Two of my NDE presentation? It sounds like you only watched Part One, or portions of Part One.

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