Aug 23



German Rabbi Faces Criminal Charges For Performing Circumcision (08/22/12)

Uganda Bans Female Circumcision (12/19/09)

Officials Weigh Circumcision To Fight HMale Circumcision Greatly Reduces Hiv RiskIV Risk (8/28/09)

Raelians: From Clones To Clitorises (2/22/08)

Female Circumcision Destroying Young Women’s Lives In Britain (1/6/08)

Egypt Forbids Female Circumcision (6/30/07)

Circumcision Rate Drops In United States (6/19/07)

Male Circumcision Greatly Reduces HIV Risk (12/15/06)

Female Genital Cutting Has Deadly Consequences (6/3/06)

Circumcision Battle Ends Up In U.S. Court (2/21/06)

Male Circumcision May Offer Africa Aids Hope (7/7/05)

Genital Mutilation ‘On The Increase In Europe’ (12/7/04)

Protecting Our Boys From Circumcision (/21/04)

Conference Calls For End To Female Genital Mutilation (9/20/04)

Female Circumcision Losing Ground In Africa (6/8/04)

The Egyptian Controversy Over Circumcising Girls (11/9/03)

Men Who Want Their Foreskins Back (10/2/03)

Male Circumcision Challenged In Legal Systems & Legislatures (1/23/03)

Female Circumcision Does Not Reduce Sexual Activity (9/24/02)

Female Circumcision In Africa (2/28/02)

Kenyan Women Call For Ban On Female Circumcision (12/14/2000)

Male Genital Mutilation (8/6/2000)

Female Genital Mutilation (8/5/2000)



• National Organization Of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
• National Organization To Halt The Abuse And Routine Mutilation Of Males
Mothers Against Circumcision
• Doctors Opposing Circumcision
• National Organisation Of Circumcision Information Resource Centres (NOCIRC)
• Circumcision Information Australia
• Circumstitions
• National Organization For Restoring Men
• International Coalition For Genital Integrity
• The Waris Dirie Foundation
• Female Genital Mutilation
• Female Genital Mutilation
• Bjog: An International Journal Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology


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