1. valerie elizabeth sumner

    In 1972 in UK, at Stanmore Middlesex where i lived, i was walking the dog at night, and i heard a low humming sound, my dogs hackles were up and he was cowering down, my hair on my arms was erect, and above me was a huge spaceship, a flying saucer with hundreds of beautiful lights all around its underside, the craft was huge its circumferance was bigger than 4 double story houses rooves. I rushed back home to tell my Father, but the thing had gone, 4 days later it was seen over the English Channel by thousands of people.

  2. valerie elizabeth sumner

    My uncle & Aunt klived @ 48 Goldbeaters Grove,Edgeware,Burnt Oak, UK, my Uncle Ted was in bed with my Aunt, and the whole room started to shake, pictures fell off the walls, just like an Earthquake, my Uncle got up and looked out the window a pink light was all around the house, he thought it was a helicoptor, there was a loud whooshing sound, anyway, the next morning when he got up he found all the grass around the youse and everywhere in the street was gone, and all the houses paint was shrivelled up and melted, further more no grass ever grew agasin in his garden or plants.

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