Honey Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder (Updated)

Honey Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder (Updated)

May 01


“Vanishing of the Bees” Website

Watch Vanishing of the Bees on Amazon Prime


“Queen Of The Sun – What Are The Bees Telling Us?” Website


Important Overview Resources:

North American Pollinator Protection Campaign

The Way Back To Biological Beekeeping (Dee Lusby)

Bush Bees Website (Organic Bee Website)

Yahoo Organic Beekeepers Discussion List

Wikipedia On Colony Collapse Disorder

Very Informative Overview Of ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ (5/4/2007)

Maarec Colony Collapse Disorder Website

Map Of U.S. States Reporting Colony Collapse Disorder (pdf)

General Bee Articles & Reports

National Academy Of Sciences Study On Pollinators

Vanishing of the Bees & Related Movies


NHNE News List & NHNE Pulse Articles:

• Wild Bees Dying In New Zealand (10/03/12)
• UN Report: Humans Must Change Behaviour To Save Bees, Food (03/10/11)
Bees In Freefall As Study Shows Sharp U.S. Decline (01/04/11)
Scientists & Soldiers Solve A Bee Mystery (10/08/10)
Scientists Stumped As Bee Population Declines Further (03/29/10)
Pesticides May Be Responsible For Mass Die-Offs (01/08/10)
Scientific American: Where Have the Honeybees Gone? (11/16/09)
The Truth About The Disappearing Honeybees (10/26/2009)
The Mysterious Vanishing Act Of Bees (10/25/2009)
Pesticides Indicted In Bee Deaths (5/18/2009)
Cure For Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder? (04/14/2009)
Book: ‘A Spring Without Bees’ (8/18/2008)
UK Honeybee Deaths Reaching Crisis Point (8/17/2008)
Last Flight Of The Honeybee? (6/7/2008)
Vanishing Of The Bees (5/9/2008)
Survey: U.S. Honey Bee Deaths Increased Over Last Year (5/6/2008)
Why Flowers Have Lost Their Scent (4/20/2008)
Consortium To Study Honey Bee ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ (4/16/2008)
Disappearing Bees Threaten Ice Cream Sellers (2/19/2008)
Burt’s Bees Defends The Hive (11/6/2007)
Virus Implicated In Colony Collapse Disorder In Bees (9/7/2007)
Possible Colony Collapse Disorder Breakthrough (9/2/2007)
Senator Boxer On Colony Collapse Disorder (7/18/2007)
USDA Announces Colony Collapse Disorder Action Plan (7/13/2007)
Honeybee Die-Off Now Reported In 35 States (6/12/2007)
Who Killed The Honeybees? (5/30/2007)
Very Informative Overview Of ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ (5/4/2007)
Honeybee Die-Off Threatens Food Supply (5/3/2007)
Honeybee Collapse Myths (5/2/2007)
Bees Vanish, & Scientists Race For Reasons (4/25/2007)
Organic & Killer Bees Seem Resistant To ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ (4/24/2007)
Honey Bee Die-Off Alarms Beekeepers, Crop Growers & Researchers (4/24/2007)
Honey Bee Experts Gather To Pool Knowledge (4/22/2007)
Honey Bee Die-Off Resources (4/17/2007)
Are Mobile Phones Wiping Out Our Bees? (4/15/2007)
Bee Colonies Across U.S. Continue To Die (4/7/2007)
Are GM Crops Killing Bees? (3/23/2007)
Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers In Peril (2/27/2007)
U.S. Bee Colonies Decimated By Mysterious Ailment (2/14/2007)
Parasite Devastates U.S. Bees (5/2/2005)
Mad Bee Disease (2/20/2001)



• NHNE Factory Farming Resource Page


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