Creative: Hire A Boston WingWoman

Creative: Hire A Boston WingWoman

Nov 26


Why Hire A Boston WingWoman?

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• Women are more likely to respond positively to a woman starting up a conversation with them than a man. We can associate better with the same sex, and will not give the appearance of “hitting on” a woman of interest.

• We will take the awkwardness out of figuring out what to say to a woman in whom you are interested.

• Instead of using a dating site, where one tries to judge what a person is really like from pictures and profiles, our clients see their prospective partners in person, a major benefit when meeting for the first time as well.

• Our WingWomen are attractive, confident, relaxed, and sociable. When you are out in a public area with one of these women, you convey the message that this is the company you keep. Through your interaction with the WingWoman and her interaction with a lady of your interest, the social boundaries break down and this makes a smooth transition to meeting someone.

• By hiring a Boston WingWoman, you are greatly increasing your chances to meet a lady of interest!


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