Dead Atheist/Agnostic Father Appears To Son

Dead Atheist/Agnostic Father Appears To Son

Sep 24



Jeffrey Long introduces this short video saying “when atheists have near-death experiences, they’re just like the experiences of everyone else”. He goes on to say “for atheists after they have had this type of experience, it’s almost impossible for them to continue to be atheists…” Now they understand, Long says, that there is Higher Power, there is a God, there’s an afterlife, there’s much, much more to consciousness than they ever realized.

Then we hear from Michael T. Mann, the son of Hollywood Director Daniel Mann, who tells the story of how his dead father appeared to him and told him he was right about there being life after death…


For more information about near-death experiences (and related phenomena), go here.



  1. Simon C. Limbrick

    When my father died, I was the only one with him that night at his hospital bedside. It was a private room, not in a ward. Having been a hospital porter for many years, I had seen death all too often.
    My father was initially given a week to ten days to live, so his demise was expected. Over about a two hour period, his breathing was growing shallower and shallower. He eventually took his last breath in the early hours of the morning. I was praying over him and asked the Lord to please take him. I kissed him and said goodbye and told him I would see him again sometime. Even though I was with him at the end, I got no sensation of him leaving his body or sharing in his passing. This may seem disconcerting if I did not have such a strong belief in the afterlife.

    The last thing I did for my father was inter him in the mortuary with a colleague.

  2. Michael Sapp

    People see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe. Energy (us and all living beings) can neither be created nor destroyed. There is so much logical,rational reason for everything that we know of in the universe. There is nothing logical or rational about a human dying and being incarnated into the same form we where ,on this plane of existence. Reverting into what we are truly (energy) that’s rational and logical. Using the same means of communications after the death of our human vessel (speaking) that makes no sense. So why do we as humans experience things in this manner? Because we are to primitive to imagine anything any different and that’s what these experiences are imagination nothing more!

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