Dead Man Reportedly Visits Two Doctors

Dead Man Reportedly Visits Two Doctors

Jul 20

Neurosurgeon Dr. Arthur Cushman



Reported by Jennifer Johnson
July 11, 2012

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When a loved one dies, it’s only natural to wonder what comes next, but a Lebanon woman said after he husband died, she got something she never expected.

Faye Aldridge calls it undeniable proof of the afterlife.

When Aldridge’s husband, Burke Aldridge, was in the final stages of cancer, he promised to send her a fax from heaven.

She assumed it was just the morphine talking, but you can imagine how shocked she was when just days after his death he apparently made good on that promise.

“I just believed against all odds that God would heal him,” Faye Aldridge said. “Death is not the end.”

She is a woman of strong faith. When Burke Aldridge was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, Faye Aldridge said she fully expected God to perform a miracle.

“I expressed my faith. I covered him in the word of God. I read the Bible to him every day,” she said.

But just 21 days later, the 53-year-old man was dead, and the unthinkable began to unfold.

Within hours of being pronounced dead at the hospital, oncologist Dr. Carl Willis and neurosurgeon Dr. Arthur Cushman, two men who had never met, both swore Burke Aldridge paid them a visit at their homes before either of them even knew he was dead.

In both instances, Burke Aldridge’s visit was brief and his message of peace and comfort was concise, the doctors said.

Shortly before his death, Burke had made a promise to reach out to his wife in a unique way from heaven. And within days of his death, the doctors gave their own accounts to Faye Aldridge via fax.

“I suppose he had a conversation with the Lord, and he wanted to do one finale, and maybe this was it,” Faye Aldridge said. “Burke was a Christian, and I believe that gives proof, that if you’re a Christian, you do end up in heaven.”



  1. Simon Limbrick

    These sort of stories are very encouraging. However, from a sceptics point of view, much more information is needed to corroborate this story.
    We have the word of two eminent doctors, who supposedly had never met. Playing Devil’s advocate here, I would love to know exactly how these doctors received these messages. For example, they would have to consider how they would be thought of in making these claims. Had they made similar claims before?
    Please David, could you delve a little deeper into this story?

  2. Tamsin

    I’d already seen this posted as a tv news item with the doctors. I’ve no doubt as to their veracity.

    However. The wife is purportedly in the process of writing a book about it. Of course.

    The constant release of an entire book from one brief experience (I believe Nancy Danison for example, now has three) do nothing but fuel the skeptic’s fire.

  3. John S

    While it is easy to dismiss this as marketing or financially motivated, this does not address the actual veracity of the report. It seems clear these physicians think they shared a common experience. I concur that it would be wise to know if they had said this ever before.

    But it is even more important to know exactly what transpired and in what condition they were at the time. If they indeed did have two separate spontaneous experiences of virtually identical or even semantically similar content, this is indeed interesting.

    While it is not proof-positive of survival it is highly indicative that something real occurred and that the two individuals involved shared some common experience. The most evidential information would have been for the deceased to have provided two related but different pieces of information which, when pieced together, formed a truth unknown to anyone else living but verifiable after the fact. While this still does not rule out precognitive abilities, it lessens the probability that such is the explanation. This type of evidence increases the probability that the information came from the deceased, the only person who knew the facts at the time.

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