Doomsday Predictions (Including December 21, 2012 & May 21, 2011)

Doomsday Predictions (Including December 21, 2012 & May 21, 2011)

Mar 06

Author and professor Lorenzo DiTommaso has studied apocalyptic movements for more than a decade.


By Jessica Ravitz
March 6, 2011

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Think you’ve got a prediction for when and how the world will end? Get in line.

Throughout time, and across continents and belief systems, humankind has dished out enough end dates to fill a doomsday menu.

The backgrounds of the people who serve them up may differ, as might the details of what will unfold, but the general apocalyptic worldview is nothing original, says Lorenzo DiTommaso, an associate professor of religion at Concordia University in Montréal, Quebec and author of the forthcoming book, “The Architecture of Apocalypticism.”

“It’s a philosophy that explains time, space and human existence,” DiTommaso says. And by buying into this sort of outlook, a person can find comfort in a “comprehensive answer.”

Having studied apocalyptic movements for nearly 12 years, DiTommaso has strong opinions. He calls the apocalyptic worldview “adolescent” because it’s “a simplistic response to complex problems” and one that “places responsibility for solving these problems with someone else or somewhere else.”

As a result, there are dangers to this thinking, he says. Why care about protecting the environment, curing cancer or stopping poverty and violence against women, for example, if you believe it’s all going to end soon anyway?

The imminent doomsday date that’s gotten the most attention in recent years is the December 21, 2012, prediction gleaned from the Mayan “Long Count” calendar.

But not to be outdone by those pesky Mayans, there are some Christians who claim the Bible teaches that Judgment Day will come on May 21 of this year. They say those who are not saved in the Rapture will endure great suffering up until October 21, 2011, when the world will be kaput.

“There’s competition,” DiTommaso says. The Mayan calendar prediction “has gone global, and in the ecology of apocalypticism that’s the big tree right now. So the 2011 prediction has to fight for a bit of the sun. And the supreme irony is no matter how big the tree, it always gets cut down.”

Both predicted ends “will come and go — quote me on that,” DiTommaso says. “Unless the apocalypse we’re bringing on ourselves happens first, it’s not going to happen.”

Those who’ve dedicated the next few months to warning people about the May 21 date, however, hold that they understand what others — including, for instance, DiTommaso — fail to see. They accept the Bible as the undisputed word of God, and they find within the carefully studied scripture “infallible proofs” that the end is not only near but firmly scheduled, says Harold Camping, the force behind the Christian broadcasting ministry Family Radio and the biggest proponent of this doomsday date.

“What happens if nothing happens on May 21? I’m asked that question again and again,” Camping says. “It’s a question I don’t even entertain because it is going to happen. It is going to happen.”

So how do staunch believers, including those who quit jobs, bail on families and give away possessions in preparation for the end, bounce back if these fateful dates they think will bring massive destruction amount to just another ho-hum day?

Surprisingly, they don’t all feel duped, DiTommaso says. Some may fall away or slink off to something new, but when your worldview is apocalyptic in nature, a failed doomsday doesn’t leave you easily shaken, he says.

Instead, what religious people generally do, he says, is write off the end-that-wasn’t as an interpretation hiccup. With deeper study and prayer, they’ll be lucky enough to find another doomsday around the corner.



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  1. Shezz

    End of World on May 21, 2011 Prediction by Harold Camping

  2. jess

    oh my goodness! 21 was my favortive number and it is not any more! :(

  3. Eric

    Mayans do not predict the end of theworld; The mayan calendar is that: a calendar, an almanach uf you wish; it has a beguining and an end as our yearly calendars. The theory of the end of the worls is an occidental invention

  4. Uno

    I don’t believe that may 21,2011 will be the judgement day. because only God can tell us when it’ll happen. Keep your faith in God.

  5. Marlene Limon

    “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Mathew 24:36
    So dont be talking bout the world is ending.

  6. Vince Carthane

    The Correct Doomsday Prophecy is the year 2020. See the Aimed At America 1 video on youtube for examples that make more sense than any other prophecy.

  7. Daniel Chapter Nine Corrects the Anno Domini Dating System

    The seventy sevens of Daniel chapter nine is God’s announcement that:

    King Solomon’s temple and the city of Jerusalem will be rebuilt.
    The long awaited Messiah will be coming.
    King Solomon’s temple and the city will be destroyed a second time.

    Daniel is given this vision by Gabriel:

    Starting from the year the decree is given to rebuild the temple and the city
    and the cutting off of the messiah will be sixty-two times seven or four hundred and
    thirty-fourth years. Seven weeks times seven or forty-nine years after the
    messiah is cut off, the people of the ruler will come and destroy the temple and
    city a second time.

    Sixty-nine weeks are completed, the seventieth week is the tribulation period and
    will start after the rapture. King Solomon’s temple will be rebuilt a third time before
    the end of the Church age.

    During this seven year period, the anti-christ will confirm a covenant with many.
    In the middle of the seven years he will put an end to sacrifice and offering.
    And on a wing of the temple, he will set up an abomination that causes desolation,
    until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.

    We live in the Christian era where our dating system is based on the life of Jesus.
    The foundation of this system is:
    Jesus was born in 1BC
    Jesus was crucified in 33AD at 33 years of age
    King Solomon’s temple was destroyed in 70AD

    Daniel’s seventy weeks shows us that King Solomon’s temple and the city of Jerusalem
    will be destroyed forty-nine years after the Messiah is cut off. If you add 33AD with
    forty-nine years we discover the temple was really destroyed in 82AD not 70AD as
    in the present dating system.

    If we subtract forty-nine years form 70AD we get 21AD, we know Jesus was not
    twenty-one years of age when he was crucified, continuing back in time by twenty-
    one years brings us to 1BC, again under the present dating system, Jesus would be
    twelve years when he was born.

    The present dating system has two glaring errors, first, 70AD seems to be pulled
    out of thin air for the year the temple was destroyed and is twelve year short and
    1BC was also off by twelve years.

    The true “in the year of our Lord” would show that Jesus was born in 12BC (the new
    1BC). Going forward thirty-three years we come to 33AD the year Jesus was
    crucified and rose from the tomb, Continuing on forty-nine years we come to
    82AD the year King Solomon’s temple was really destroyed. If we count back from 33AD
    sixty-two weeks or four hundred and thirty-four years we will come to 401BC the
    year the decree went out to rebuild the walls and temple.

    Now that we know that Jesus was born in 12BC, this leaves no doubt that Halley’s
    Comet was the light the three men followed to find the new born King.

    If you would like to know the actual year we are living in add twelve years the present
    year or your brith date, or historical date or any AD year. The year 2000 really is 2012,
    looks like next year will not be the “end of the world” just 2024. Have a happy new year!!!!!!!

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