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Enhance Your Dream Life: Sleep Better, Dream More, Live Your Purpose
By Ryan Hurd



Welcoming Back your Dream Life

Dreaming is part of being human, but in Western society we have to learn how to become good dreamers. Why is that? The answer is because dreaming is not valued. To be called a “dreamer” is to be out of touch with reality. “You’re dreaming” literally means “Your imagination is not relevant.” But the dreamers I know are actually more in touch with reality. In fact, dreamers are in touch with two worlds simultaneously: the “real world” that we all share, and the private dream world where the real work is done.

What is the real work?

I’m talking about the “inner game” that is crucial for success in the world. Fact is, dreamers understand their emotions, their desires, and their fears better than non- dreamers. Dreamers are more in touch with their relationships, their family myths, and their health and sexuality. Dreamers are intuitive people and can avoid real life dangers. Dreamers know what they want and they know how to get it. In short, dreamers make up a core group of creative people who are healthy and happy, and we change the culture for the better precisely because we live in two worlds. If you are interested in dreams but do not remember many of your dreams, you are in luck. Simply by adopting a few habits and changing some everyday routines, your dreams will start coming back when you wake up from sleep every morning.

Dreaming well is a feedback system: the more you put in, the more you get back.

This report is a guide to remembering more dreams. You may want to start a dream group, interpret your dreams for wisdom and creative problem solving, or delve into lucid dreaming to take on your fantasies and fears, but it all starts with having good sleep patterns, a healthy dream diet, and good dream recall.


This e-book has three chapters for enhancing your dream life.

1. Optimizing your Sleep Life. Without a good night of sleep, dreaming is impossible. This chapter focuses on sleep health and ways to increase dreaming sleep.

2. Optimizing your Dream Health. Some foods, supplements and body practices that help with memory as well as keep the brain healthy.

3. Preparing for Good Dreaming. Tips, tactics and practices for creating a dream-friendly environment, including enhanced recall, less nightmares, and more insight into your passions and unfulfilled wishes.


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