Must Watch: Dr. Eben Alexander Discusses His Remarkable NDE (Updated)

Must Watch: Dr. Eben Alexander Discusses His Remarkable NDE (Updated)

Sep 23


Steve Paulson Interviews Eben Alexander III, M.D. at the 2012 Bioethics Forum: “Research on Near Death & The Experience Of Dying”

Concerning the near-death experience of Dr. Eben Alexander, Raymond Moody says “I have never heard one that comes near this. This is the most amazing story that I personally have heard in 50 years now of interest in this.” The most moving part of this interview comes towards the end when Moody asks Alexander if he knows who the butterfly girl was who guided him on the other side (watch the video below to hear Eben describe this heartfelt, life-changing experience).

Click here to listen to the complete interview

For more information about Dr. Eben Alexander and his near-death experience, go here.




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  1. Thanks for pointing us to this interview. It was really goosebump-raising to have already heard one rendition of the story from the first time you posted something about Eben Alexander’s NDE, and then, in the last ten minutes of this interview, to get new information: the punchline about the girl on the butterfly. Plus his thoughts about the 2012 transition. Wow!

  2. Talcott

    Aye Sheila it brought tears to my eyes.


  4. Which part of Alexander’s experience are you questioning, aa sh? His coma? His miraculous recovery? The NDE he reportedly had? The encounter he claims to have had with his sister? The medical portions of his experience are well documented. The inner experiences are partially supported by his miraculous recovery. And his encounter with a loved one he never met in life is reported by many other NDErs, including children like Colton Burpo. You can learn more about all of this by going here: and

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