Dream: Groundhog Day

Dream: Groundhog Day

Nov 21


By David Sunfellow
Sunday, November 21, 2010

Had a Groundhog Day series of dreams last night. The same dream, modified each time, played again and again. The main character kept returning to a situation trying to get it right. He kept trying to do the right thing, with the right spirit. Each time he tried, he got a little closer, but the dreams ended before he got it figured out. I can’t remember what the situation was, or what the specific thought and action was either, except that it involved being more conscious and loving. That, I guess, pretty much sums up my life. Can you relate?





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  1. Dear David,
    Your websites are about as conscious as anyone can get!
    So you are already doing “It.”
    Robert Perry invited me into the NHNE world and now I feel connected to the best of times.
    I’d like to finish your dream for you by saying that on a Global level you are connecting many of us to the theme of the best of humankind so because of all the work you are doing — You are giving us love and you do it in a very conscious way!”
    I can’t thank you enough!!
    Love and big hugs from a very grateful reader,

  2. Thanks, Barbara. Nice to have folks as wildly enthusiastic as you are!

  3. Marie Rhodes

    This is one of my all time favorite movies.
    Groundhog Day is certainly the way my life seems to go. You keep waking up to the Truth that is true always. But then again and again you find your self back in the illusion with EGO in tact. Why is it so easy to for get the TRUTH of who we are. I know it is always their. My choice makes it what it is. This is a great movie. Thanks David for all great things you give us.

  4. Karl Frederick

    Hi David,

    Thanks for mentioning your dream. It happens to me, too, and there’s usually some frustration at the time — some problem I’m trying to solve. I can get into a loop with a dream situation when my sleep is disturbed by a stimulant (like sugar or caffeine) or the declining effect (“wearing off”) of a sedative (like alcohol). So, the effect itself can seem mechanistic, but the topic engaged, and the exquisite timing . . . that’s what I find most interesting.

    Describing the situation from my everyday waking state just now brings the thought that my “looping” dreams might offer an opportunity to bring in a different level of consciousness, because I am usually drifting between REM sleep and a hypnogogic state of semi-lucidity when they occur. Could the dream be an opportunity to engage the situation/material with a “resource” that could help? Could one have enough presence of mind to ask for a resource to address the problem? This may be a matter of training and intention. I haven’t tried it yet, and will let you know of any clear results.

    Best wishes,


  5. Good insights, Karl. Thanks for posting them here. I was looping in and out of my dreams as well.

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