Dreams: REMcloud (Tracking Dreams, In Real Time, All Over The Planet)

Dreams: REMcloud (Tracking Dreams, In Real Time, All Over The Planet)

Nov 24



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REMcloud is a social and information network that connects people all over the world around the most universally shared human experience; our dreams. REMcloud allows you to see what the world is dreaming about at any point in time: tapping into the worlds collective consciousness in real time.

Dreams are the deepest connector of the human element and are extremely powerful. Think about this:

– Fact: When you dream, your body is completely paralyzed and you cannot move

– Fact: Your brain is more active when you are dreaming than when you are fully awake

– Fact: Many blind people can see in their dreams

– Fact: Babies dream, even before birth

– Fact: The Romans interpreted dreams in the senate, as they were thought to be messages from the gods

We created REMcloud because we love to share our dreams with our friends and family. We soon noticed that our friends and family networks wanted to share their dreams with more of their own friends, so we opened up REMcloud to everyone.

Until now, dreams have been thought to be an individual experience. REMcloud’s social network is showing that dreams are in fact a global experience; where a recurring dream, a nightmare, a funny or scary dream, is often shared by at least one other person somewhere on the globe.

This is what REMcloud is all about — making deep connections happen for people all over the world, around the most unique and powerful experience we all share: OUR DREAMS.

REMcloud makes the experience even more fun! Through our patent pending technology, you can discover other people who had dreams similar to yours. You can experience global dream trends and themes through our Dream Mosaics; and you can follow people who you care about and see what they dream about every day.

REMcloud puts you in control of this powerful dimension of the human experience.

Experience it today. Browse the site, take a look at the Dream Mosaics for a glimpse or a detailed view of what people around the world are dreaming about right now and learn more about what makes our collective dreams so amazing!

Through REMcloud, you are now part of a global mosaic — connected with the world. Sign Up Now! It’s EASY — you can do it through your Facebook or Twitter account. Ask your friends and family to join so that your experience is even more amazing!

Our Investors: We are fortunate to be backed by two world-class venture firms, Boot Ventures and Strap Capital, who have helped build great companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Dell, and Zynga.

Want to talk to us?

Feedback: If you would like to let us how to put more wow! into REMcloud, or just want to give us a shout out, drop us a line at info@remcloud.com

Media: We would love to chat and tell you about what we are up to and what our members think about REMcloud. Send us an email at media@remcloud.com and we will get back to you pronto!


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Dreams have been a topic of intense interest since the dawn of time because they are universal and such powerful experiences. In fact, many times, dreams have changed the course of history or impacted millions of people. Here are a few examples:

– According to the founder of Google (Larry Page), the idea of ranking web pages came to him in a dream he had in 1996. The founder of Monster.com (Jeff Taylor) also had a dream in 1994 that led to the creation of the business that is now Monster.com. Both founders woke up from their dream in the middle of the night, found a piece of paper and wrote down their business idea before they forgot it.

– James Cameron’s movie Avatar came to him in a dream in 1994. The tall blue Na’vi characters represent characters that James Cameron’s mother saw in a separate dream that she had. In fact, both Avatar and Terminator came to James Cameron in his dreams. That’s two dreams worth billions of dollars!

– The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer came to her in a dream. The lead characters in the films have similar physical features to the people that Stephenie saw in her dream. Her dream is now a cultural phenomenon that has impacted tens of millions of people across the globe.

– Abraham Lincoln dreamt about his own assassination only a few days before it happened and told his wife and some friends, including his bodyguard.

– According to the Guinness Book of Records, Paul McCartney’s Beatles song Yesterday has the most cover versions of any song ever written and was performed over 7 million times. The song came to Paul in a dream.

– Dr. Frederick Banting won a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1923 for discovering the treatment for diabetes. The idea behind the treatment came to him in a dream.

– Jack Nicklaus, the great golfer, changed his swing after he saw what he was doing wrong in a dream.

– Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity came to him in a dream.

– Have you had an epic dream? Share it with people you know! Sign Up Now! It’s EASY you can do it through your Facebook or Twitter account. Ask your friends and family to join so that your experience is even more amazing!



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