Dreams (Updated)

Dreams (Updated)

Mar 02



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A two-page handout on why dreams are important, how to remember them, how to interpret them, and how to use them to transform your life. This handout was created by David Sunfellow for his near-death experience class in Sedona, Arizona. Download a pdf of the handout here.



To learn more about Wes Wyatt’s groundbreaking Alchemy of Dreams series, go here.


Especially Important Dream Posts on Pulse

Jungian Analyst Monica Wikman on Archetypal Phenomena Surrounding Death
• Excerpt: ‘Dreams: A Portal to The Source’
• Your Brain Might Be A Radio
• Dream: The Black Blob
• New Book Series: ‘The Alchemy of Dreams’
• New Book: ‘The Boy Who Died and Came Back: Adventures of a Dream Archaeologist in the Multiverse’
• New Book: ‘Dream Like A Boss’
• Shadow: An App To Record The Dreams Of Humankind
• Dream Basics by David Sunfellow
• Wanda Easter Burch: ‘She Who Dreams’
• Dream: The Greatest Movie Ever Made
Ray Kurzweil On Using Dreams To Solve Problems
How Dreams Wake Us Up
• Is Jesus Reaching Out To Muslims Through Their Dreams?
Robert Moss: ‘If You Want To Be A Shaman, Start At The Breakfast Table’
Andy Paquette: 20 Year History of Precognitive Dreams
• Excerpts from “Healing Dreams” by Marc Ian Barasch
The Hilbert Big Dreams Project
‘Remee’ – New Lucid Dreaming Mask
New Book: ‘Communing With The Gods’
29th Annual International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) Conference
New Book: ‘Lucid Immersion Guidebook’
Abraham Lincoln’s Dreams
American Liberals More Expansive Dreamers; American Conservatives Not So Much
New Book: ‘Integral Dreaming – A Holistic Approach to Dreams’
Dream: ‘Tasting The Dragon’
Dream: The Young Couple
BBC Documentary: ‘Carl Jung: The Wisdom Of The Dream’
Five Reasons To Listen To Your Children’s Dreams
Unsolved Mysteries: Dreams Come True
Prophetic Dreams: Preparing For Divorce
Turtle Power: Honoring A Dream With Action
Naps Boost Memory, But Only If You Dream
REMcloud (Tracking Dreams, In Real Time, All Over The Planet)
Dream: Groundhog Day
Dream: The Healthier We Are On The Inside…
Why We Forget & How To Remember Our Dreams
PBS Documentary: The Edge Of Dreaming
The Psiberdreaming Conference
14 Tips for Getting Rid of Nightmares

Dream Overviews

“Dream Basics” by David Sunfellow (two-page handout)
The Dream Tribe Archive (outstanding collection of dream tutorials and resources)
Excerpts from “Healing Dreams” by Marc Ian Barasch
Jeremy Taylor’s Dream Toolkit (pdf)
The Five Star Method of Dream Analysis: One-Page Summary (pdf)
• The Five Star Method: A Relational Dream Work Methodology (pdf)
Managing Cancer Pain with Healing Dreams
Wanda Burch: Fighting Cancer Using Your Dreams

Nap Chart
The Red Book by Carl Jung

Dream Groups

Jeremy Taylor On Dreams As A Tool For Social Change
Dreams, Dream Groups & Related Resources
How To Start A Dream Sharing Circle In Your Town

Lucid Dreaming

An Introduction To Inducing Lucid Dreams
Dream ReLiving: An Advanced Lucid Dreaming Practice
The Lucid Dream Exchange (Robert Waggoner)
LSDBase (Lucid Scribe Database)
WakeUpLucidDreaming on YouTube
Wake Up! Documentary

Free Dream eBooks

Enhanced Dreaming by Ryan Hurd
Ending Nightmares for Good by Joseph Dillard
The Dream Tribe: Three Free Dream eBooks by Amy Brucker, Ryan Hurd, Scott Sparrow

Recommended Dream Books

NHNE Dream Bookstore
• Healing Dreams: Exploring The Dreams That Can Transform Your Life by Marc Ian Barasch
• The Wisdom Of Your Dreams: Using Dreams To Tap Into Your Unconscious And Transform Your Life by Jeremy Taylor
Dream Work: Techniques For Discovering The Creative Power In Dreams by Jeremy Taylor
Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer’s Guide by Ryan Hurd


Dream Studies (Ryan Hurd)
Dream Studies Dream Resources
• The Dream Tribe (see video below): Website – Facebook – Twitter
The Dream Tribe Archive (outstanding collection of dream tutorials and resources)

• DreamTalk Radio (Anne Hill): YouTubeFacebookGoogle+Twitter
• LifeTreks (Gillian Holloway): WebsiteBlogFacebookGoogle+Twitter
• REMcloud: Website – Facebook – Twitter
International Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD)
Robert Moss: Way Of The Dreamer
Robert Moss on Facebook
Dreamstar Institute (Scott Sparrow)
Jeremy Taylor Website
Healing Dreams (Marc Ian Barasch)
• Dream Research & Education
Dream Yoga (Joseph Dillard)
Healing Power of Dreams
SF Dream Research Examiner (Linda Mastrangelo)
Katrina Dreamer (Katrina Martin Davenport)
Mortal Mist (lucid dreaming network)
Lucitopia (lucid dreaming)


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