Facebook Q&A With NDEr Anita Moorjani

Facebook Q&A With NDEr Anita Moorjani

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Facebook Q&A With NDEr Anita Moorjani
By Anita Moorjani
October 17, 2014

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On October 17th, I had a lot of fun conducting a live, one-hour, online chat on my Facebook page. I invited everyone who was around to just post any questions they may have for me, as I typed responses to them. Although I couldn’t keep up with all the questions being posted, I did manage to respond to quite a few, and wanted to share them here in this newsletter with you, especially for those of you who couldn’t make it during the session… Here are the questions, together with my answers, that were posted during the one hour Facebook live chat:

anita-moorjani-bookQUESTION: After reading your book I let go of so much “junk” that was blocking my ability to be my true self but I find that I still have setbacks from time to time and when I get into a situation where I am around a group of people who think this kind of thing is ridiculous or cult like I tend to withdraw into myself. I find that I shy away from doing things for this reason. Does this ever happen to you? How do you deal with the people who want to tell you your crazy?

ANITA: People always think I’m delusional, but let me tell you something. My life works for me. It works great. It works so much better than the lives of those who think they are “real” and I’m crazy! Next time, just look at them, and ask yourself how their life is working for them. Chances are, they are not happier than you are. We have been brought up to believe in the opposite of what really works in life, and when we discover the truth of how to really live in joy and passion, we get judged for it! Remember, if everyone thinks you’re delusional, it means you’ve hit upon the truth! Stay on that unicorn, and don’t fall off!

And hang with people who indulge your delusions!

QUESTION: Anita, one of your fans asked the question here yesterday… whether you follow any sort of fitness routine. Do you?

ANITA: Not any routine, but that’s more because of my current schedule. It’s too hectic at the moment, but I would love to include more exercise into my daily habit. I’m not great with routines. I would have to vary it a bit. I love yoga, and walking in nature.

QUESTION: I have a question: Is it difficult for you to maintain your original and profound sense of awe (with knowing about the All-That-Is) now that you have such a busy schedule?

ANITA: On the contrary. I love my life as it feels like such an adventure! I feel that this new life of travel and meeting people lends itself to my sense of awe, as I am having new experiences all the time! It’s like my life has speeded up dramatically since my NDE.

QUESTION: I would like to know your views about space, time and solid matter. In your book DYING TO BE ME, you once said that space,time & solid matter don’t always exist as we normally think of them.What do you mean when you say that? Please answer!

ANITA: Linear time does not exist except in our minds. All moments of time exist all at once, but our mind can only focus on one moment at a time. Then we string these moments together to form linear time.

For example, when I came out of the coma and my NDE, I knew that I was ALREADY healed. I knew that moment when my body would show no signs of cancer ALREADY EXISTS in time! But I just had to allow my mind and body to catch up to that moment.

One of the oncologists said that it was IMPOSSIBLE for all those cancer cells to have left my body in such a short time, especially since my body was so weak, and the organs had shut down. But you see, most people believe we have to travel from steps one to nine to get to step ten. I now understand that we do not have to travel from steps one through nine to get to step ten. We just have to expand our consciousness to let step 10 in, even if we are still standing at step one.

QUESTION: My question regards animals in the afterlife. Did you feel any feelings/souls from the animals, do you think they have souls in the same way and that they have lessons to learn when they enter an animal body?

ANITA: I believe that animals have souls, but they are so much more connected than we are. I believe that they are connected with the universe, with the earth, and they have a bond with us. We become to cerebral, because of our education, and this “connection” that we share gets conditioned out of us. Animals are much more perceptive, and they have a purpose, but their purpose is very different from ours.

Their purpose is not mind or ego driven. Their purpose is more part of the grander plan of nature.

QUESTION: How can I get your message across to my teenage children who are resistant to what I say at the best of times?

ANITA: Your children just want to be who they are. Allow them to be who they are. Step into their world. Speak in their language. Learn what their interest are. And then when you have their attention, start injecting little bits of about the importance of loving themselves and being their own best friend. Hope that helps!

Love your children for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

QUESTION: What can one do if one is stuck in an unhappy situation, but there does not seem to be an alternative to it? These could be things such as a job situation, a place where one lives etc. My second question is that in your book you talk of diseases appearing at the subconscious realm before entering the physical realm. What about diseases that appear from birth?

ANITA: When there does not seem to be an apparent alternative or way out of a situation, I “surrender” it to the universe. Every day, I will tell the universe/my guides to take care of this situation, as I cannot be a full expression of myself if I am stuck in this situation. Eventually, a way shows up for me, and when it does, I even understand why the situation existed in the first place. I realize that I needed that situation to grow, and take me to the next place. Don’t force the change by pushing and struggling. Surrender and allow the new situation to come in.

With diseases from birth, there are several possibilities, and it’s hard to tell which one for sure. It could be that the soul chose to come with that, or it could be that the soul has been affected by the energy of the parents while in utero. I don’t want parents blaming themselves if their child is born with an illness, as they don’t do it deliberately, but an unborn child can sense its mothers’ fears and anxiety.

QUESTION: I know that you and many others who experienced an NDE say that the other realm is really non-denominational, i.e. no specific religion/religious dogmas dominate, etc., and it makes sense to me. However, how do we/can we explain the events in which others (e.g. Immaculée Ilibagiza, whom you’ve met) say that they had visits/visions of e.g. Jesus, Saint Mary in which they were told to go to e.g. confession, build churches in their honour, say specific prayers (e.g. Rosary) – otherwise they will not go to heaven and humanity will suffer, and they will make God angry/displeased. These are such religiously (and humanly) specific “requests” and messages, and yet from what I understand, God doesn’t really care whether one is Catholic or Protestant, or nondenominational altogether. Are their visions of God and/or Saints an illusion or… what are they? Based on your experience, what is your understanding of all this?

ANITA: We all interpret our visions through our own “interface”, and religion, culture, race and gender give us these “interfaces”. For example, 5 people could go visit the same country on a tour, and they could all be part of the same tour group, going to the same sites and staying in the same hotel. If you then asked all 5 to write about their tour, you would get 5 completely different perspectives, because they have interpreted it through their own unique interface.

Also, anything that is “true” has to be universal — in that, it has to apply to everyone, and not leave anyone out. Any religion that only applies to some and not others is not “true”. Truth applies to all. Hope that helps.

QUESTION: If we are truly formless and the truth is formless, what is the purpose of form, impermanence, the physical universe?

ANITA: I believe we come here to experience who we are. When we are formless, we cannot know physical love, pleasure, and so on. We are in a state of unconditional love, so we cannot know what it’s like to miss someone, and we cannot even know our selves. We need to be here, in this physical self to really know who we are.

We chose to come here to know who we are.

QUESTION: I LOVE your book. It changed my life so much for the better. Thank you. I have changed the way I live, and decided only to do things that make me feel happy and alive and not do things which make me feel stress. I believe this will continue to improve my health and well-being. My question is, how do I continue to feel trust and faith that this will work? Sometimes I feel afraid that I am doing “nothing” with my life, because I have lost motivation to do things out of fear. But that does not leave a lot of “doing” at least not YET. So sometimes I wonder, how do I know when it is right to do something? How can I know that I am on the right path, when not a lot is happening, and I am not that motivated? I sometimes feel nothing is changing. Thank you Anita, I truly love you and feel you have helped me to experience unconditional love within myself for the first time. I simply can’t thank you enough.

ANITA: You are on the right track. But let me suggest one more thing. Ask yourself one question every day, Jenna. Ask yourself “What would I do if I loved myself?” What would you be doing, Jenna, if you loved yourself? That is really the only question you need to answer, and when that answer comes, that is all you need to do. Every day. And it may be a different answer on different days. Then you wait and see the life that unfolds before you. It will be YOUR life, of your OWN making, instead of a life that is built out of fear — fear of displeasing, fear of failing, etc.

QUESTION: Just wondering Anita…when you said it wasn’t your time…and you really should come back to earth..to complete your Divine purpose with your husband…I have a hard time understanding that…because if it wasn’t your time…and you wanted to stay in the other realm..then it would have essentially been your time? Does everyone who dies..get a chance to come back..if they want to….as you did?

ANITA: If it’s their time, they don’t get a choice. But if it’s not their time, and they still choose not to come back, I suspect we will get another opportunity later to complete what we were supposed to do.

QUESTION: Hi Anita how can you help us animal lovers cope with all the abuse they suffer and what do you think about how cruel nature is.

ANITA: I don’t think nature is cruel — but I do think that people can be cruel, because people can really be hungry for power, and sometimes abuse power, and therefore, abuse those that are weaker, like animals. Nature cannot be controlled. It is what it is. But people need to be taught to respect nature, respect animals, and respect other people.

QUESTION: What do you think about free will versus destiny? I’d like to think its a 50-50 split between the two.

ANITA: We always have the free will as to whether to fulfill our destiny or not. Our “destiny” is like our highest possible potential, and then it’s our choice as to whether we follow our heart, be true to our self, and know we are worthy. Only when we follow our heart and are true to ourself do we actually follow our true destiny. We can choose to throw it all in, and live a life of what the world wants us to be, instead of who we came here to be — a life where we don’t fulfill our destiny, but there will be many reminders and signs along the way, pointing us towards our destiny.

QUESTION: Can you speak to the idea of Karma — should it play a part in our current lives……..should we be paying attention to past life experiences, in this lifetime?

ANITA: We only need to focus on our present moment. We need to make this present moment the best moment of our lives so far. As long as we focus on making our present moment the best, then every moment in the future will be better than the last, and we create a great future! Don’t worry about karma, or it will have your head in a twist, and will leave you feeling helpless. No matter what, you always have a choice as to how to handle and interpret this moment.

QUESTION: My question is what do you think about god?

ANITA: You are god. I am god. We are all god, expressing him/herself in all his/her various forms and disguises!

QUESTION: I believe you’ve said that if we’re feeling undirected, it means we’re not connected to our deepest self. Do I have that right? Does being connected to it then assure clarity, focus, etc.? Thanks!

ANITA: Yes, if you lose your sense of direction in life, it means you have lost your sense of self. The way to find your direction again is to find yourself, which means, to love yourself, value yourself, and know that you are worthy and deserving, and allowing yourself to be who you are. Once you do that, your life and purpose will unfold before you. You don’t have to go in search of it.

QUESTION: What would you say to someone who refuses to change, when they have cancer already, and the body is bringing up even more illness, and that person doesn’t want to change any habits, eating, habits, thinking habits…but its not feeling happy?

ANITA: It’s very hard to actually set out with the hope of trying to change people. They may avoid you if they feel you are trying to change them. Many people are resistent to change, and even more resistent to taking advice from others. The best thing we can do is to be joyful and bring our self actualized, joyful self into their presence, so that they feel our presence and happy energy. They feel our joy. And just being around us will open them up to us and want what we have, and we can then talk about what it is we do, and how we deal with life. Slowly, they will start making changes, not because we tell them to, but because they can see it’s what we do, and they can see how it is working for us.

QUESTION: Anita what is your morning ritual?

ANITA: I look into my eyes in the mirror, and tell myself that I will always support me, never let myself down, never forsake myself, and will always be my own best friend, no matter what, even if I fail, and even if others are disappointed in me! And then I give myself a hug.

QUESTION: My question has to do with beliefs and the toxins in our environment and our world. I remember you were fearful of cancer and feared eating foods. The question: Do you truly know that your beliefs affect your health and well being to the point that the toxins can have no effect on you if you believe they do not? Thank you.

ANITA: Here is one thing I know for sure: When you are happy, and passionate about life, and feel like you have a purpose, then your immune system is at it’s strongest. And when our immune systems are at it’s strongest, we are resilient to all kinds of things that others can fall prone to, including toxins in our environment. The more you feel empowered and passionate about life, the less the environment will impact you. Ideally, we do want clean food and a clean environment, but your strength, passion, love for life and yourself can overcome a lot! Hope that helps.

QUESTION: What perspective do you have upon the justice in this world? How do you make sense of suffering of billions of factory farmed animals who are tortured and slaughtered and live their entire lives out in pain by no fault of their own. Where is the justice when innocent people die in Genocide or are murdered? I am interested in learning how you conceptualize the injustice that the innocent animals or people suffer.

ANITA: It upsets me as much as anyone else. I think it’s important for people to wake up and become self actualized, so that they will not treat anyone, including our beautiful animals, in this way. The best way for people to wake up and become self actualized is to realize that we each of us have a purpose, and we are loved, deserving, and worthy. And when we realize that, we start to see a higher connection with the universe, and realize that all of us, including animals, are all connected, and are part of this universal web. When we start to realize we are all connected, we are less likely to abuse others, or seek power over others.



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