Famous Cardiac Surgeon Shares Near-Death Experience Stories

Famous Cardiac Surgeon Shares Near-Death Experience Stories

Aug 17



Dr. Lloyd Rudy, a pioneer of cardiac surgery, tells stories of two patients who came back to life after being declared dead, and what they told him.



Pulse on Near-Death Experiences



  1. Hello,

    Great video! Would you be interested in reviewing my recent book Science and the Near Death Experience? If so, just let me know, and I will have my publisher send a copy.

    I am also available for interviews.



  2. Jerry DeCaire

    I find circumstantial evidence from reputable sources far more weighty than most scientists do and this video of Dr. Rudy disclosing a veridical account of his patient is convincing and refreshing. I have often doubted the validity of NDE’s especially due to their inconsistent late-stage imagery as opposed to their consistent early stage imagery which can be very convincing. After seeing this video, I am so convinced that I am prepared to write off those late stage inconsitencies of the NDE as simply unexplainable but not necessarily evidence against the authenticity of NDE’s.I am prepared to accept their is a subjective element to “mind” that may account for those inconsistencies. The sticky notes is what especially swayed me to belief.

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