FBI Vault: The REAL ‘X-Files’

FBI Vault: The REAL ‘X-Files’

Apr 27


By Kent Ballard
April 21, 2011

I dunno if all you folks knew it or not, but the FBI has just released thousands of pages of formerly classified files and placed them on the Internet for all to see. They call it “The Vault.” Pretty much everyone else has been calling it “The X-Files.”

Very weird stuff in there.

You can find the FBI files on Liberace, Walter Cronkite, and Groucho Marx. (???)

You can find all kinds of stuff about the old Prohibition-era gangsters, and the modern Mob as well.

There’s a whole section on the anti-war movement in the Sixties and Seventies.

Lotsa stuff on drugs. A damning FBI interview with Senator Ted Kennedy about the death of Mary Jo Kopeckne. (The bastard murdered her and got away with it and was protected by Senator Stennis, at that time head of the Department of Justice who blocked the FBI and press at every turn. You or I would STILL be in prison had we done exactly the same thing. And rightfully so.)

Political scandals. Racial problems. Social events. Riots. Commies. And flying saucers.

Literally, there are THOUSANDS of pages to read. I’ve skipped through them and some of them are silly, spooky, irritating, obnoxious, illegal, and downright self-contradictory. You could wade through them for months.

Take flying saucers, for example. There’s a report from a field agent which states that a weather balloon crashed in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. No big deal, right? That was the official Air Force explanation anyway. The trouble starts when the FBI tried to look into other UFO cases and found themselves being stonewalled by the Air Force every step of the way. The USAF simply paid no attention to FBI demands for information. What was J. Edgar Hoover gonna do? Arrest the whole Air Force? There’s even a document from the U.S. Army to the FBI, bitching that the USAF had all kinds of information about UFOs and refused to share it with the Army, and could the FBI help them out?

They couldn’t.

Then there was a report from a Special Agent named Guy Hottle which was sent directly to Hoover and marked “Urgent,” saying he’d had a conversation with an Air Force investigator who told him the USAF recovered not one but THREE “flying discs” in 1947! They were supposedly in reasonably good shape, each one crewed by three little people, and were about 100 feet in diameter. It was assumed that this formation flew through some experimental radar the USAF had set up and it had interfered with their control systems, flying them into the ground.

(Since 1947, the U.S. Air Force has given *three wildly different* “explanations of what they recovered at Roswell. None of them match. All of them were the real, absolute truth–until the next explanation came out. One of them was that the “weather balloon” was actually a high-altitude “sniffer” searching for radioactive particles from Soviet A-Bomb tests. The madly anti-Communist Hoover would have LOVED this, but they never told him. That was the 2nd official explanation, by the way.)

The files show that Hoover went ballistic and did everything in his power to find out what the hell was going on with the Air Force. He never succeeded.

And there’s another creepy file, too. Besides snooping around on John Kennedy and all the women he had on the side (yes, Marlyn Monroe was one of them), there’s an FBI file with JFK’s signature ordering the CIA to make a full release of all UFO documents to the White House within 30 days. Kennedy was shot 10 days later. Coincidence?

There’s enough here to keep conspiracy theorists busy for years. But reading through the “saucer files” for some length, it’s obvious to me that no one had the first friggin’ idea what they were, where they came from, or even if they were real in the first few years after everyone started seeing them in America. Memos were sent everywhere, asking for information. Nobody–save apparently for the Air Force–had any facts whatsoever. And they weren’t talkin’ and nobody could make them talk. The Navy’s NCIS were looking into this matter too and griped like the Army did that the Air Force was a bunch of uncooperative SOBS until the Navy apparently shot one down by firing an antiaircraft missile at it from point-blank range while a saucer hovered over a missile destroyer. Then they went black too. The FBI had no more luck with them after that.

Honestly, the confusion and near-mayhem in the files is frightening. Hoover and the G-Men were pulling their hair out, but to no avail.

They had a lot better luck with criminals, and there are some really great files about them. When you go to the site, look on the left (after the FBI disclaimer disappears from your screen) and you can find all sorts of categories; public corruption, foreign counterintelligence, terrorist groups both foreign and domestic, the Supreme Court, “Organizations,” Anti-War, White Collar Criminals, you name it. All very interesting reading.

Of course, there will be nothing earth-shaking revealed in these documents. If it was earth-shaking, it wouldn’t have been declassified.



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  1. Adam Sadoski

    I think it’s good to leave us in the dark,that way the people hopefully won’t be held accountable for whomevers agenda.

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