Free eBooks from NDEr Barbara Harris Whitfield (Updated)

Free eBooks from NDEr Barbara Harris Whitfield (Updated)

Dec 28



This generous offer is available NOW!


Free eBooks from NDEr Barbara Harris Whitfield

Barbara Harris Whitfield writes:

“To wish all of you a wonderful new year, I am putting three of my Kindle books up for free on the weekend of December 28-30. The Natural Soul, Victim to Survivor and Thriver, and AFGEs are a free download on those dates. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free app from the Amazon page where each of my books are listed. The app download is on the right under the pay button (price should read 0 on pay button). All computers and iPads will take this free Kindle app.

“Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year!”

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The Natural Soul
By Barbara Harris Whitfield

natural-soul-150The central concept of The Natural Soul is the difference between ego, the character we play in our daily drama, and who we really are — our soul or True Self. This book overflows with intimate vignettes that bring these ideas alive. Whitfield tackles head-on our current epidemic of spiritual and societal malaise and our overuse of prescription medication which usually numbs us to our soul. Our ego may struggle to understand but as we read we awaken to what our soul innately knows: We came here as souls born into a human body and we will leave again as our soul. Barbara uses this new way of seeing our life in other areas including: the love of our life, raising children, grieving naturally instead of numbing out in “depression,” helping others die, facing our own final passage in this life time and soul contact across the veil. The Natural Soul, Whitfield’s fifth published book, offers us our souls’ natural birth right — a life of peace and joy. Previous books have garnered her appearances on Oprah, Larry King, Donahue, the U.S. Senate and U.N. in New York.


Victim to Thriver and Survivor: Carole’s Story
Hope for survivors of childhood trauma, abuse or neglect
By Barbara Harris Whitfield

thriver-150Carole was a victim of repeated child abuse. Her story demonstrates the deep healing that is possible with knowledge, the courage to face buried pain, and the love of safe others. Her riveting true story is intertwined with my life and that of my husband Charles Whitfield, MD (author of the bestselling Healing the Child Within). This is our story, too, of walking together with Carole along her path of recovery. As you read, you will learn how Carole transformed her suffering and loss, a “less-than” life– into joy for living and even serenity. This is not a fictional account, nor has it been scrubbed clean of the horrors of living with childhood abuse and neglect. In fact, Carole’s story contains a depth of sadness that only the adults that were repeatedly abused as children may understand. Carole broke through –awoke– to find joy and laughter mixed with the tears of her realizations and she turned them into strength, hope, confidence and finally peace. This story of triumph over abuse is for all victims and those who care for them; clinicians as well as loved ones. This story demonstrates that: 1) When we think of ourselves as “victims” we believe we are “depressed.” 2) When we enter into our own healing process, we become “survivors” and experience the bittersweet movement of our emotional pain. 3) Finally, with the support of safe others –we become “Thrivers” and live without fear. We become fully awake and alive. We discover who we really are and we find serenity. In this story I share my experiences and research into Near-Death Experiences. Charles Whitfield brings to bear his knowledge and experience with healing childhood trauma. And then the reader can witness Carole sopping up our knowledge and love like a sponge. So may you. Quotes from Carole’s Story: “The thunderstorms are just as beautiful as a sunny day. And so is life!” “Carole’s story is beautiful and contains thunderstorms and sunny days –and they are all framed with the courage and love we shared!” This book includes the latest research from the Centers for Disease Control on the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Study. It was reviewed by former victims who have experienced the movement of survivorship and then the transcendence to Thrivership. If you or someone you know has gone through repeated abuse or trauma of any kind, then this powerful story may bring what you have longed for — a way to heal, a way out of suffering, and the knowledge that you are not alone.


AFGEs: A Guide to Self-Awareness and Change
By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Sharon Cormier

afgesThis book experientially helps us to let go of the heaviness of life and to lighten up. Written by two friends who are near-death experiencers, one an expert in yoga and Buddhism and the other as a consciousness researcher and expert in trauma psychology. Together, they show us how to disengage from the drama and replace it with peace and even joy. Dr. Bruce Greyson, an acclaimed expert in near-death studies and consciousness research writes:

“I love this book, starting with the dedication to ex-husbands “who generously supplied us with AFGEs.” The concept of AFGEs is simple enough to be profound, and profound enough to be simple. The authors play off each other in a magical way using Buddhism interwoven seamlessly with the expertise of trauma psychology. Cormier and Whitfield made wisdom so down-to-earth; I’m sure this little gem will help a lot of folks discover who they are.”

Bruce Greyson, M.D.
Director, Division of Perceptual Studies
University of Virginia Medical School

AFGE = Another F*ing Growth Experience



  1. I look forward to reading you on Kindle.

  2. Evelyn Davie

    Hi Barbara I saw your Findhorn videos and they truly resonated with me. I have read Thriver to Survivor which I loved. I tried to get Final Passage on kindle but it’s not available and they are out of stock on the book.
    Warmest regards

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