Groundbreaking Teleseminar: Evolutionary Christianity

Groundbreaking Teleseminar: Evolutionary Christianity

Dec 05



Join thirty of today’s most inspiring Christian leaders and esteemed scientists for a groundbreaking dialogue on how an evolutionary worldview can enrich your life, deepen your faith, and bless our world.

Saying Yes! To Both Religion and Science

Are you frustrated with how the mainstream media portray the science and religion issue? It’s as if the only two games in town were science-rejecting creationism and faith-rejecting atheism. But for the millions of us in the middle who see no conflict between faith and reason, heart and head, Jesus and Darwin, we know that’s a false choice. Religious faith and practice can be positively strengthened by what God is revealing through science!

There Is More That Unites Us Than Divides Us

Whatever your background or beliefs — whether you consider yourself conservative, moderate, liberal, radical, or something else altogether — we invite you to join in this historic exploration of how a sacred “deep-time” view of grace and guidance can expand your faith and inspire and empower you in ways that believers in the past could only dream of.

Join Us for this Lively Discussion – Participation Is FREE

There is no cost to participate in this live, interactive event. Thanks to our generous sponsors, and to all the luminaries who have volunteered their time, we are able to offer this teleseries freely to the public. All you need to participate is a telephone or computer.

To participate, go here.

Participants include:

Ted Davis
Kevin Kelly
Karl Giberson
Doug Pagitt
William D Phillips
Matthew Fox
John F Haught
Tom Thresher
Diarmuid O Murchu
Michael Morwood
Ian Lawton
Brian Mclaren
Ian Barbour
John Polkinghorne
Sally Morgenthaler
Kenneth R Miller
Mary Southard
Gail Worcelo
John Cobb
Bruce Sanguin
Ross Hostetter
Jim Burklo
Denis Lamoureux
Michael Dowd
Owen Gingerich
Richard Rohr
Spencer Burke
John Shelby Spong
Charles H Townes
Philip Clayton



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