Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aug 07

Today’s Quote:

“Not to forgive is like drinking a glass of poison and waiting for your enemies to die.”

— Nelson Mandela

Today’s Most Important Stories, Information & Links:

• Follow @iyeshe on Twitter for live updates from #Brasil2020
Photos from Brasil2020
State of the World Forum streaming live on USTREAM

• Tutorials for Seesmic Desktop (a super-charged Twitter program) can be found here and here
Good News: You Can’t Have It All by Duff McDuffee
In the Zone: Sports and Spirituality by Corey W. deVos
40 Years Later, Woodstock’s Spiritual Vibes Still Resonate (Houston Belief)
Friars Make 300-Mile Trek Relying On Trust In God, Help Of Strangers (Catholic Spirit)
Young Muslims Turn To Technology To Connect, Challenge Traditions (CNN)
• Tomorrow: Diane Hamilton – “Facing the Shadow: An Integral Approach to the Dark Side”
Ten Things You Need To Know To Live On The Streets (The Nation)

Dreams That Warn Of Illness (Dream Studies)
Dreams Come Through Our Bodies (Dream Studies)
How To Keep A Dream Journal (Dream Studies)

Today’s Recommended Book:

Transformation Through Intimacy: The Journey Toward Mature Monogamy by Robert Augustus Masters

New Additions To Website:

Do You Suffer From Information Overload Syndrome (IOS)? (video)

Today’s Video: Do You Suffer From Information Overload Syndrome (IOS)?

The very information meant to inform us is actually making us STUPID! It’s affecting millions of business people. Is IOS affecting you? Visit the Information Overload Syndrome website.

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