Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jul 31

Today’s Quote:

“I’m not asking you to believe anything. I’m simply telling you what I believe. And I have no idea what the next life will be like. Whatever I saw was only from the doorway, so to speak. But it was enough to convince me totally of two things from that moment on: One, that our consciousness does not cease with physical death; that it becomes, in fact, keener and more aware than ever. And secondly, that how we spend our time on earth, the kind of relationships we build, is vastly more important than we can know.”

— George G. Ritchie, M.D., summarizing the essence of his famous near-death experience. From the book, “Return From Tomorrow”.

Today’s Most Important Stories, Information & Links:

Yebol, A New Search Engine Based On “Semantic” Algorithms
• Integral Praxis: Experiments In Second Tier Community
• Sign up for The Great Integral Awakening and gain free access: Hamilton tomorrow; Wilber, Murphy, Cohen, Genpo, Kempton previously
• Must read: The Singularity: Rupture Or Rapture? By Corey W. deVos
• Robert Masters now on Twitter @RobertMasters
Robert Masters Newsletter (pdf) (August 2009)
Directory Of Therapeutic Or Educational Services Related To Eco-Psychology
Chinese Make Stem Cell Breakthrough (Singularity Hub)
Dissolving Bikini Is The Ultimate Revenge Gift (Spike)
Sunbeds Elevated To Top Cancer Risk Level (AFP)
• John White & Steve Nation discuss the UN’s place in moving humankind to higher, more integral governance on Integral NHNE

Today’s Recommended Book:

Life After Life: The Investigation Of A Phenomenon – Survival of Bodily Death by Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

New Additions To Website:

• Added a button banner for Integral Life (link)
Ecotherapy: Healing With Nature In Mind by Linda Buzzell and Craig Chalquist (book)
Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution by Steve McIntosh (book)

Today’s Video: Bruce Greyson, MD, PhD Speaking About Near Death Experiences At UN Symposium

An excerpt of Bruce Greyson, MD, PhD speaking about near death experiences and the mind-body connection. Part of a Nour Foundation panel discussion at the September 11, 2008 United Nations symposium, “Beyond the Mind-Body Problem: New Paradigms in the Science of Consciousness,” inspired by the philosophy of Ostad Elahi.


  1. Carol Macaulay

    OMG, I love YOU and this concept.
    Now I wish I were in Sedona, my daughter is there now…

  2. Hi Carol. Good to hear from you. “Pulse On” — I like that. Maybe we’ll need to get some bumper sticks printed up…

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