Georgia Considers iPads For Students

Georgia Considers iPads For Students

Feb 08


By Jim Galloway
Political Insider
February 1, 2011

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Senate President pro tem Tommie Williams, R-Lyons, said this afternoon that legislators and state educators are considering an offer from Apple Computers to introduce iPads into middle school classrooms in Georgia, as a substitute for books.

Said Williams:

“Last week we met with Apple Computers, and they have a really promising program where they come in and their recommending to middle schools — for $500 per child per year, they will furnish every child with an iPad, wi-fi the system, provide all the books on the system, all the upgrades, all the teacher training — and the results they’re getting from these kids is phenomenal.”

The idea would be to use electronic tablets as a substitute for printed books. Said the Senate president pro tem:

“We’re currently spending about $40 million a year on books. And they last about seven years. We have books that don’t even have 9/11. This is the way kids are learning, and we need to be willing to move in that direction.”

Williams said legislators are currently searching for money in the state’s beleagured education budget to fund pilot programs across the state.


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