Great Ideas: Adaptive Eyewear

Great Ideas: Adaptive Eyewear

Nov 04



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Excerpted from the Adaptive Eyewear Website:

Our Mission

Adaptive Eyewear is a not-for-profit company working to fulfill the vision correction needs of underserved populations in the developing world.

Our challenge is to make adaptive eyeglasses accessible to these populations, the majority of whom currently have no access to eyecare services. Adaptive eyeglasses allow users to change the power of the lenses with the turn of a dial. They can be deployed almost anywhere in the world by trained laypersons, thereby going far beyond the current reach of existing vision correction infrastructure.

Clear vision is essential for a wide variety of work, from tailors and carpet makers to drivers and those who use computers and mobile phones.

How Did We Get Started?

Adaptive Eyewear is a not-for-profit company based in Oxford, UK. We benefit from a close relationship with Adlens, a company developing eyeglass technologies.

The driving ideas behind adaptive eyeglasses were generated by an Oxford atomic physicist, Professor Joshua Silver. Prof. Silver invented eyeglasses where the lens power may be simply changed, thereby allowing wearers to find their own best correction without the need for eyecare professionals.


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