Great Ideas: Give Up Laundry Chemicals; Use Charlie’s Soap

Great Ideas: Give Up Laundry Chemicals; Use Charlie’s Soap

Dec 16


By Will Beuscher
No Impact Man

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I use only one laundry product, a hyper-clean soap powder called Charlie’s Soap. I imagine there are other good choices. It dissolves readily in the water (add clothes after for best results), and works very well, better than I expected.

The most important thing is that it has no fragrances or softeners or brighteners. Most fragrance chemicals and softeners are petrochemical oil based, and are pollutants; many of them are carcinogens (voc’s). They are particularly bad because they seem to teach people that the smell of clean is the same as the smell of the fragrance. This is NOT TRUE. The fragrances mask the dirt that does not wash out, and after a while clothes become rancid and smell like a cross between old stale perfume and a gym locker. Yuck!

I also virtually never use the dryer. All you need is a sunny yard or porch and some (hemp) clothesline. The sun is the best antibacterial as well as the most efficient whitener. And the fresh air combines with those to make clothes actually clean. With all those fragrance chemicals and softening oils gone, the human sweat and oils can really be washed out and rinsed away, and the real smell of clean returns.

By not using all those other products, a HUGE amount of waste could be eliminated, as well as taking a HUGE burden off the water supply.



Charlie’s Soap Powder – 2.64 lb (80 Loads)

Charlie’s Soap 1 Gallon Liquid All Purpose Cleaner


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