Great Ideas: Postbox

Great Ideas: Postbox

Feb 17


Postbox: An Email Program To Get Excited About
By David Sunfellow

I’m a Mac user. I’ve struggled FOR YEARS to find an email program that met my needs — something that was current, inexpensive, and capable of handling multiple email accounts, especially Gmail. I wanted it to be located on my computer and have the ability to grab and store important messages from Gmail (and other web-based email services). I also wanted it to be fast, beautiful, and user-friendly. And I wanted it to be created and supported by a reputable team that not only knew what they were doing, but were in it for the long haul.

Until now, I’ve been using Entourage 2004, which is part of Microsoft Office 2004. I never upgraded because the newer versions of Entourage not only received poor reviews, but Microsoft also stripped key features out their new versions. And, oh, yes, Microsoft also charged an arm and a leg for their software. The current version of Entourage, now called Outlook 2011 can’t even be purchased as a standalone product. You have to buy the entire Microsoft Office suite to get your hands on it — for 279.99!

So I looked elsewhere but, until now, couldn’t find anything, including Apple’s own email program, Mail, that met my needs.

And then I discovered Postbox. If you’ve been living in email hell like I have been, I encourage you to check it out. You might be as pleasantly surprised as I was to find a new program, designed from the ground up, to meet the needs of today’s email users. It won’t cure the sick and raise the dead, but if you are like me, it could be an answer to a prayer…

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