Great Ideas: Square!

Great Ideas: Square!

Oct 25



October 1, 2010

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Square is a tiny plastic device with magical powers, its presence is everywhere, it can read any card and take money out of it. And bada bing bada boom…next thing you know, the money is in your pocket.

Okay well, its not magical device but sure seems to work like one. Square Up, owned by Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder launched a device called Square, which is a card reader that can be attached with any smart phone with an audio input jack. Therefore, anyone anywhere can accept credit card payments, it could be an artist, a flower shop owner, the garage sale guy, a waitress, a corporation or a small business owner.

So How Does It Work?

Square works on Apple iOS and Android devices like Motorola, HTC Samsung and LG, after downloading Square application create a square account from your device. The most convenient and hassle free feature is that you need not sign any contracts, pay monthly or hidden fees; they charge as per swipe rate or keyed-in rate. As soon as you receive your smart little plastic device, plug it in with your phone and start receiving payments from it.

When a customer swipes his/her card they need to sign on the screen with their fingers for the receipt; they can email the receipt to themselves instantly. The application’s dashboard displays all the transactions with images and description, you can also set up shelves in the screen displaying most sold products with their prices. It can also calculate tips for you.

“The basic idea behind Square is that everyone has a little plastic device in their pocket today, which is a payment card, credit card, debit card or pre-paid card, and they’re using them everywhere, they’re using them to buy anything. We wanted to allow people to very easily and quickly, within 10 seconds, be able to accept these plastic devices as payment.” explains Jack Dorsey.

A device with beautiful and seamless interface making everything so much easier.

Squareup Website


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