Great Ideas: TikTok+LunaTik

Great Ideas: TikTok+LunaTik

Mar 08



Scott Wilson and MINIMAL’s TikTok+LunaTik designs transform Apple’s iPod nano into cool must-have multi-touch watches and become the highest funded project in history.


About TikTok+LunaTik

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Founder’s Voices

Thank you visiting and for your interest in TikTok + LunaTik. These products were conceived by me, Scott Wilson, founder of MINIMAL and former Global Creative Director for Nike Watches. They have been realized and made available to you through the magic of crowd-funding. I had the idea when the Nano was announced but the industry leading brands were not interested in developing it. So I decided to put them on, a fundraising website for creative projects. The response was overwhelming. Our goal was to raise $15,000 in 30 days but instead we ended up with nearly $1M, shattering all Kickstarter records and instantly validating our designs globally. The community support and interaction throughout the experience has been equally overwhelming. We are proud to be at the forefront of this game-changing inclusive platform that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs and allows creatives to maintain control of their vision.

Now we are busy fulfilling orders globally and have partnered with Apple’s leading fulfillment and logistics partner. We plan to keep developing new products to build on the success of TikTok + LunaTik as well as other disruptive ideas that we feel discerning consumers like yourselves expect. Thank you for your support and remember—It is because of you and the globally connected community that we were able to offer these products to the world.

Obsessed About Details

Ideas are worthless without execution. I have spent my entire career obsessing over the details and execution. It is unfortunately rare that companies care about this to the appropriate level. One of the beautiful things about this project was that I was able to trust my instincts on design details, materials, vendors and partners. Kickstarter allowed me to ignore the advice of industry experts and pursue a more premium design which I believed consumers desired. The tremendous response and support gave our start-up instant credibility and allowed me to engage with Apple suppliers to manufacture the aluminum and with premium watch suppliers to produce the strap. We believe that our products, though slightly more expensive than the competition, are far more complementary to Apple products and uphold a philosophy that consumers ultimately respect and are willing to pay more for enduring quality and design.


The idea to use the Nano as a wristwatch was an obvious one ever since Steve Jobs announce the 6th generation iPod Nano. The Nano is an incredibly complex technological breakthrough and Apple’s shear ability to offer a multi-touch full-color display and battery in such a small package is no small feat. Watch companies have been chasing this for years. I know, I’ve worked with them. They are all scratching their heads now saying “we can’t touch that”. It’s no surprise that this combined with my watch background inspired me to create a collection of premium designs which complement the impeccable quality of Apple products. After all, watches and timepiece manufacturing have been the inspiration for many recent Apple products. They have borrowed inspiration from the Horological Industry for years now. It is only appropriate that the TikTok and LunaTik leverage that same inspiration and attention to craftsmanship and detail.



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