Great Ideas: Grooveshark

Great Ideas: Grooveshark

Jan 03



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Search for musicians and/or songs you like. Listen to them. Create play lists for the songs you like. Listen to the songs that are rated the most popular. Listen to radio stations. Hear a song you like? Add it to play lists you create. Listen to the songs your friends are listening to. Allow your friends to listen to the songs you are listening to. Search for obscure songs not available through commercial avenues. The songs you listen to include the names of songs, artists, albums. Purchase the songs you like.


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Grooveshark is an internationally available online music search engine, music streaming service and music recommendation web software application, allowing users to search for, stream, and upload music free of charge that can be played immediately or added to a playlist. Grooveshark aims to help bridge the growing gaps between artists, consumers and those in between who distribute, market, and promote music.


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