History Channel: ‘Secret Access: UFOs On The Record’ (Updated)

History Channel: ‘Secret Access: UFOs On The Record’ (Updated)

Jun 20


The History Channel

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Some believe the earliest documentation of alien visitation to Earth exists in prehistoric cave paintings and petroglyphs, where drawings of strange humanoid figures feature distinctively non-human attributes and anatomy, including helmets and other accoutrements too advanced to be from the ancient world. Arguably, this is the first evidence in what would become a centuries-long worldwide enigma that has exploded into popular culture, but has yielded little tangible proof. From the prehistoric drawings through the Roswell incident, reports of strange and unexplainable sightings in the skies have become part of an unofficial historic record. With the proliferation of video and photo technology in the modern era, reports of these events along with visual evidence have only increased. 95% of UFO sightings are false, resulting either from misidentification or deliberate hoaxes. But the other 5% cannot be dismissed; SECRET ACCESS: UFOS ON THE RECORD focuses on those 5%.

Based on the newly published book UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, this two-hour special explores sightings that are supported by numerous creditable sources, from Air Force and commercial pilots, FAA officials, investigators, military Generals and NASA officials as well as hard data: photos, film, radar and audio recordings. This evidence presents a startling look at the very real possibility of alien visitation.


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By Billy Cox
Herald Tribune
August 26, 2011

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Thursday night’s “Secret Access” report by The History Channel — “UFOs On The Record” — is the sort of crisp advocacy journalism one might easily envision in PBS’ “Frontline” rotation. Focused (if not a tad overproduced), expertly sourced, and devoid of the tripe that too often characterizes network programming on this issue, “UFOs On The Record” is a foundational model for jump-starting a national conversation so desperately overdue.

In fact, the logical next question might be: What, exactly, are viewers supposed to do with this material? Contemplating citizen action may seem premature, given the comparatively small niche audience of The History Channel, but at least this week we got a glimpse of what may lie ahead.

The 96-minute documentary, built upon Leslie Kean’s UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, was produced by filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sudberg, who obviously know what they’re doing. Having tackled atrocities in Darfur, a racially motivated murder conviction in North Carolina, and America’s post-9/11 surveillance culture, among other things, Stern and Sudberg have little appetite for equivocation. Like Kean, they made no unsubstantiated claims and dispensed with the uninformed ruminations of so-called UFO skeptics that pass for “balance” in mainstream formulas. Instead, they mined official documents and eyewitnesses to build a compelling case for the serious disconnect between reality and American public policy.

For Kean’s readers, the “Secret Access” treatment covered familiar turf: the Phoenix Lights, the Rendlesham Forest incident, the 1989-90 Belgian wave, etc. But watching many of the players in the book — like former Federal Aviation Administration accidents division chief John Callahan, and retired Belgian Gen. Wilfried De Brouwer — as they physically reconstructed complex interactions between UFOs and jet planes brought the enormity of the transactions to life. And, fan though I am of the written word, there is no substitute for listening to audiotapes of air traffic/ground crew chatter trying to come to grips with a UFO idling over Chicago’s O’Hare International in 2006.

“On The Record” also introduced us to eyewitnesses who weren’t in the book, and gave a sendup to the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, which is conducting the sort of scientific research that sends our own government into contortions to avoid. And it profiled an innovator who just might someday land the biggest catch of all.

Hollywood special effects guru Douglas Trumbull (“Blade Runner,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “2001: A Space Odyssey”) can spot UFO fake footage with a craftsman’s eye. But lately, he’s applying his technological skills to a mobile camera unit called Ufotog, with which he will scan the skies using optics capable of gauging size, distance, altitude, velocity and trajectory of unidentifieds up there, visible and otherwise. This is exciting stuff.

What a rollercoaster month it’s been for Leslie Kean. The paperback version of UFOs On the Record rolled on Aug. 2, with a fresh endorsement from heavyweight astronomer Derrick Pitts. On Sunday, she was by the side of artist and abduction research pioneer Budd Hopkins when he died at age 80. A couple of days ago, she joined a panel discussion promoting the “Secret Acess” documentary on CNN Headline News (see below). A noteworthy venue, but it should’ve been even bigger.

Things change, inevitably, whether we allow them to or not. Thursday night, we got a glimpse of how a major shift might begin. Given the MSM’s track record for peddling dumbed-down mediocrity, it’s unlikely the “Secret Access” piece can provide that momentum swing, which will occur eventually. What it did was remind us of an even more fundamental truth — hard work pays off.



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  1. Thank you for a balanced, truthful overview of these very important cases. These truths have been a long awaited moment whose time has finally come. It’s great to see Leslie Kean in action! I’ve included links to this and Kean’s excellent Web sites from my alienjigsaw site. Keep up the good work!
    — Kay Wilson

  2. Marilyn Chernack

    I’ve been studying this phenomenon for many years. Thank you for this great documentary. Very precise and informative. I have the DVD “The Phoenix Lights” and would suggest to your viewers that they look further into this specific incident. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Kitei at a conference a few years ago.

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