How To Live With Less & Turn It Into More

How To Live With Less & Turn It Into More

Apr 15


By Alex Pino
Tiny House Talk
April 12, 2012

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I like small and tiny houses because they offer us the freedom to live life how we want. For me, it’s all about less clutter/stuff, and more freedom/choices. Would you be willing to agree on that?

You can choose to spend more time with your family, do the work you love, and have enough money left over to enjoy life with the people you love.

Although more and more people are choosing to live this way, it’s not usually the most popular way to go about life in the everyday world. So here are three tips on how to deal with people who don’t agree with your lifestyle choices.

Three Important Foundation Beliefs When Choosing the Simple, Passionate Life

If you’re going to live life on your terms, you’re going to find these three foundation beliefs to be extremely helpful in your transition to the simple life. Afterwards share what you liked best and found most helpful in the comments.

1. Dealing With Unwarranted Advice

Friends, family members, and co-workers tend to give advice on subjects that they have no qualifications in. And sometimes, for whatever reason, we’re are tricked into listening to this nonsense.

The first step when you find yourself in a situation when someone is giving you advice is to ask yourself, “Do I want any of the results that this person has?”

Belief: I will only listen to the advice of those who are qualified and actually have the results that I want. Otherwise, this person (even if a loved one) is just blabbering to meet his/her own needs, not mine. At this point, walk away or redirect the conversation to something more productive.

2. Ruling Out Dogma

Nobody knows what’s best for you better than you. It’s true that other people can help give us perspective in situations where we’re blind to what’s directly in front of us. But allowing somebody to talk you out of something that you truly want to do usually leads to regret later on.

Family members care about you so much that they hate to see you do something that seems risky because they don’t want to see you hurt. Others might not even know it but they might be jealous that you’re doing something courageous.

Once you have made the decision to design your own life, go against the herd, march to the beat of your own drum, and build the life of your dreams other people might get a little bit jealous because they’ve taken the safe, less rewarding route.

Steve Jobs said it best, “Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thoughts.”

If you want something bad enough, it’s your responsibility to go and do the work to get it because nobody else is going to guide you or do it for you. It’s all in your hands. And if you don’t make your own decisions, the people around you will surely make them for you.

Belief: I know what’s best for me and I am the only one who is going to reach out for what’s really important for me. If I don’t, nobody else will do it for me because they just want me to be safe.

3. The Power of Less

Reducing the amount of clothing, accessories, paperwork, furniture, square footage, and in general- clutter in our lives makes room for new exciting people, things, and experiences to emerge.

When you reduce the amount of clutter in your home you are clearing up old, stagnate energy while making room for these new exciting happenings to occur. Old clothes is attached to old beliefs, same with everything else. Clear it up and make way for the new/exciting.

And not just that, but less = more focus. So don’t replace everything you get rid of and do a mental future analysis before acquiring anything new. If you’re going to end up having to get rid of it, why waste the time/energy?

Belief: The less unused clutter that sits around me the more powerful and focused I become. When I get rid of something that’s no longer serving me, it creates a magnetic effect towards what I really desire.



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