Michael Murphy, George Leonard, Ken Wilber: Integral Transformative Practice

Ken Wilber


Ken Wilber Discusses Integral Transformative Practice with Michael Murphy and George Leonard
From 2004
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The most influential modern pioneers in Integral Transformative Practice, together for the first time, in a wide-ranging, vibrant, history-making conversation covering all aspects of ITP.

The discussion begins with background information and the historical roots of Integral Transformative Practice. The essential idea of ITP is that the more human capacities one exercises simultaneously, the more rapid is human transformation. Think of it as spiritual cross-training: the exercise of body, mind, soul, and spirit in self, culture, and nature.

Mike points out that every age has had its integral pioneers. George points out that every age has also had its anti-integral impulses — whether it was the monotheistic religions’ repression of the body by the mind, or today’s sensory glorification where the mind is repressed by an overemphasis on the body (“Lose your mind and come to your senses”). Opposed to both forms of repression is the integral approach, which honors equally both the body and the mind in an integral embrace.

Because new truths constantly emerge, the integral endeavor has to be re-invented afresh with each new era. In today’s world, the integral embrace must include the very idea of evolution and development itself. It appears that in the modern era, evolution became conscious of itself, and thus a new form of enlightenment — evolutionary enlightenment — also became available.

Integral Transformative Practice appears to be the most effective and most powerful method of human growth, development, and conscious evolution yet devised, as empirical evidence is starting to convincingly demonstrate.


Part One: 30 minutes (MP3)

Keywords: The Life We Are Given, The Future of the Body, Patanjali, Yoga Sutras, Golf in the Kingdom, pranayama (breath control), asanas (yogic postures), siddhis (paranormal powers), samadhis (meditative states), Herbert Bensen, Jacob Atabet, Rumi, Kabir, God and the Evolving Universe (with James Redfield and Sylvia Timbers), Lower-Left quadrant (cultural relativity), Lower-right quadrant (systems theory, ecosystems), Upper-right quadrant (individual organism and behavior), A Theory of Everything, differentiation versus dissociation, caloric restriction.

Most Memorable Moment: “I will follow the evidence wherever it takes me….”


Part Two: 24 minutes (MP3)

Keywords: Esalen, The Future of the Body, human potential movement, James Mark Baldwin, Fritz Perls, evolutionary nondualism, Aldous Huxley, Abraham Maslow, Alan Watts, Dick Price, Sri Aurobindo, the Ford Foundation, George Brown, complementary education, psychic karate, civil rights movement, “What Is Integral?,” techno-economic mode (foraging, horticultural, agrarian, industrial, informational), Jean Gebser (archaic, magic, mythic, mental, integral-aperspectival), race relations, ecology, states and stages, Jane Loevinger, Susann Cook-Greuter, Roger Walsh, A Theory of Everything.

Most Memorable Moment: “There was a coming to view within a single framework this wide range of approaches: somatic, physical, interpersonal, psychodynamic, mental, spiritual, and then out of that came the impulse to find order, relationship, and comprehensive practices.”


Part Three: 21 minutes (MP3)

Keywords: vipassana meditation, Gestalt therapy, “What Is Integral?,” Huston Smith, Ram Dass, “What Is Spiral Dynamics Integral?,” orange meme (modern), green meme (postmodern), yellow meme (integral), kata, Sri Aurobindo, Ramakrishna, nirvikalpa samadhi (formless awareness), sadhana (spiritual practice), The Life We Are Given, Mahatma Gandhi, The Mother, Padre Pio, stigmatic, levels and lines, states and stages, multiple intelligences, The Future of the Body; the three bodies: gross (waking), subtle (dreaming), causal (deep sleep); A Theory of Everything.

Most Memorable Moment: “There are thousands of Ph.D.s and research projects to be done…. This is the Mother Lode!”