Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 24

Today’s Quote:

“There is no spirituality without activism.”

— Diane Musho Hamilton

Today’s Most Important Stories, Information & Links:

• The Great Integral Awakening: FREE interviews with Murphy, Wilber, Cohen, Hamilton, Beck, and more

Abducted By Aliens: Believers Tell Their Stories (ABC News)
NHNE’s UFOs & Extraterrestrials Resource Page
US Army’s First Buddhist Chaplain (Tricycle)
The Impenetrable World Of Theoretical Physics Presented As Opera (Seed)
E. O. Wilson: We Must Save The Living Environment (New Scientist)
Connecting Nature’s Dots (NYT)

First U.S. Rehab Center For Internet Addiction Opens Its Doors (Mashable)
reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program Website
Why Our Brains Love Twittering – And Why That’s Dangerous (Slate)
Information Addiction by Jonah Lehrer

Today’s Recommended Book:

Esalen: America & The Religion Of No Religion by Jeffrey J. Kripal

New Additions To Website:

Junoon Documentary (video)

Today’s Video: Junoon Documentary

Junoon is an internationally famous Pakistani rock band that has been at the forefront of advocating peace between countries and cultures around the world. “Music,” the lead singer declares, “is the most subversive force on the face of the Earth.” Their outspoken views on peace have resulted in near constant death threats and being banned from their own country, twice. But it has also gained them wildly enthusiastic fans, especially in their home country of Pakistan and neighboring country of India (in spite of the fact that India and Pakistan have a long history of violence and intense animosity towards one another). Along with playing all over the world, winning international music awards, and even coming to America to help raise money for victims of the 911 terrorist attack, they are also the first rock band to perform a concert in The United Nations General Assembly Hall.

For more information, check out Junoon’s website.

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