Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Aug 03

Today’s Quote:

“Many people meditate, but they neglect the two-sidedness of the endeavor and therefore they miss out on integration. They may indeed actualize some of the universal powers which come into play wherever the personality is sufficiently free, positive, open, but the unfree, negative, closed areas are neglected and ignored. The actualized universal powers will not, by themselves, enforce integration with the undeveloped part of the self. The conscious ego must decide for this integration and fight for it, otherwise the universal self cannot get through to the blocked off areas. Partial integration with the universal self may lead to even grater self-deception in that the consciousness is deluded by the actually existing partial integration with Divine powers and becomes even more prone to overlook the negative side. This makes for lop-sided development.”

— From Pathwork Guide Lecture 182

Today’s Most Important Stories, Information & Links:

• For credible UFO coverage, check out NHNE’s UFOs & Extraterrestrials Resource Page
From Boulder Integral: 7 YouTube Videos Of Ken Wilber From August 1st Gathering
Tiny Battery Traps Solar Power To Run A House For 24 Hrs (Times of India)
Researchers Pinpoint Why Cannabis Causes Memory Loss (physorg)
Breakthrough: Scientists Reprogram Blood Stem Cells To Become Vision Cells (physorg)
• 104 cutting-edge people now included on Twitter Integral Leaders List
6,000 People Gather In Spain, At One World’s Biggest Gatherings For New Technology (AFP)
Japanese Exoskeletons Give Mobility To The Injured & Disabled (physorg)
Date Rape, Rape, Sexual Assault. Some Resources On How To Stay Safe (Elephant Journal)
eHarmony Says It Is Responsible For 2% Of All U.S. Marriages (WSJ)
The 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign
New Research Shows That Memories Are Constantly Being Re-Written By Our Minds (Discover)
Is Gaia Geo-Engineering With Jellyfish To Slow Climate Change? (Eco Worldly)
Bowhead Whales Sing With “More Than One Voice” (Science Daily)
Doctor: Wind Turbines Cause Multiple Health Problems For People Living Nearby (Telegraph)
• Bill Moyers Talks With Robert Wright, author of “The Evolution Of God” – InterviewBook
How To Customize Your YouTube Channel (Mashable)

Today’s Recommended Book:

Creating Union: The Essence Of Intimate Relationship by Eva Pierrakos

New Additions To Website:

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates The Power Of The Pentatonic Scale (video)
The Evolution Of God by Robert Wright

Today’s Video: Adyashanti: The Origin Of Relationship

Adyashanti tells a story on the origin of relationship using the Christian myth of Adam and Eve, God, and the Garden of Eden.

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