Video: More Doctors Smoke Camels…

Video: More Doctors Smoke Camels…

Dec 14


1949 TV commercial from Camel cigarettes.



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  1. Well, doctors and the advertising industry are still doing it. Only now they are pushing “Big Pharma” drugs. And they are just as bad for us as smoking camels!

  2. Hard to believe that cigarettes are still being sold. But what really amazes me is that while the screws are being tightened on cigarettes and cigarette companies in first world countries, these companies have been aggressively selling their products in third world countries, addicting untold millions of people. I would hate to experience the life reviews of cigarette company executives (and their enablers).

    And, yes, ditto for most of today’s Big Pharma companies. Shame on them for engaging in many of the same practices that have harmed so many people.

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