Morgan Freeman: ‘The Story of God’

Morgan Freeman: ‘The Story of God’

Mar 23



The Story of God With Morgan Freeman
Entertainment Weekly
March 22, 2016

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Despite having played God in movies, Morgan Freeman is not God… but he is spending a lot of time contemplating the concept on National Geographic Channel’s The Story of God. The six-episode series follows the heavenly voiced Evan Almighty actor on a worldwide quest to understand faith and religion.

The breadth of Freeman’s journey is evident from the very beginning of the series. In this exclusive first look at the first five minutes, the 78-year-old recalls the deaths of his grandmother and brother before he was 18. “Everybody grieves,” he says. “But some people have a certainty that helps them cope with grief — they are certain they will see their loved ones again in heaven. For some of us, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, it’s the greatest question we ask ourselves: What happens when we die?”

As images of Freeman visiting the Mayan temples in Guatemala and pyramids of Egypt flash, he explains his “epic journey” as one “to discover what we believe lies beyond death and why.”

Freeman’s first stop is to meet with a former research diver named David Bennett who shares the story of his near-death experience. “I noticed this light. It was millions upon millions of fragments of light, in all different colors, and they were all dancing and swirling, kind of like they were of one mind. And it was infinite,” Bennett recalled. “I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.”

The Story of God With Morgan Freeman premieres on the National Geographic Channel on Sunday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET.

Visit The Series Website

Watch the first five minutes of the documentary series here.

Learn more about NDEr David Bennett by going here.



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