Joseph Smith, Mormons, and Mormonism (Updated)

Joseph Smith, Mormons, and Mormonism (Updated)

Sep 08



Especially Important Mormon-Related Posts On Pulse

• Many Mormons Loose Faith Searching for Truth
• Mormon Church Admits Founder, Joseph Smith, Had Up To 40 Wives
• Richard Packham: ‘Why I Left the Mormon Church’
• Rock Center with Brian Williams on Mormons
‘The Book Of Mormon’ Wins Big At Tony Awards
B.C. Supreme Court Opens Debate On Polygamy
A Message From Chad C. Spjut, President, The Exmormon Foundation
Atheists, Agnostics, Jews & Mormons Know The Most About Religion


General Overviews

Wikipedia On Joseph Smith
Wikipedia On Mormons

Frontline: The Mormons
(Outstanding 4-Hour PBS Series)

PBS Documentary, “American Prophet”
(Poorly researched, flagrantly pro-Mormon PBS series on Joseph Smith)

Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
September Dawn

NHNE News Articles on Joseph Smith & The Mormons


Mormons On Mormons

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of the Reorganized Latter Day Saints
All About Mormons


Ex-Mormons On Mormons & Mormonism

Richard Packham’s Website (Mirror sites: here and here)
Richard Packham: To Those Who Are Investigating Mormonism
Richard Packham: Leaving The Mormon Church: How To Get Out
Richard Packham: 101 Reasonable Doubts About Mormonism

A Message From Chad C. Spjut, President, The Exmormon Foundation
Personal Stories: Why I Left
Exmormon Foundation
Exmormon Foundation on YouTube

A Parting of Ways: Why I Decided to Leave Mormonism

SourceFlix & Living Hope Ministries (DVDs)

Investigating Mormonism
(A point-by-point challenge of key Mormon tenents and historical claims)

3,913 Changes In The Book Of Mormon
(Since the first edition appeared in 1830)

Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Recovery from Mormonism
Personal Accounts of Leaving Mormonism

Extensive Links to Other Mormon-Related Websites

Ex-Mormon News Groups

The Rick A. Ross Institute’s Polygamist Groups


Former Mormons discuss their experiences as active Mormons and their eventual departure from the Mormon or LDS Church.


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