Movie: Another Earth

Movie: Another Earth

Jul 18



Another Earth is a 2011 American fantasy/science fiction drama film directed by Mike Cahill in his feature film debut. The film stars William Mapother and Brit Marling. It premiered at the 27th Sundance Film Festival in January 2011 and will be distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.


Rhoda Williams (Marling), a physics student at MIT, is driving when she sees a planet and leans out for a closer look. She hits a minivan and kills a family. She is imprisoned for four years, and upon release seeks out the widower of the family, composer John Burroughs (Mapother). The planet she saw is a mirror planet of Earth, seemingly to the extent that it even has the same people on it, and an essay contest is held where the winner can ride a space shuttle to visit it. Williams considers the possibility of visiting it to find out what kind of life her mirror self would have led.


William Mapother as John Burroughs
Brit Marling as Rhoda Williams
Jordan Baker as Kim Williams
Robin Lord Taylor as Jeff Williams
Flint Beverage

Production Notes

When asked why he agreed to join the cast of Another Earth, given the “notoriously hit or miss” nature of indie movies, William Mapother replied that he was drawn by the film’s subject and by the other names involved in it. At Mapother’s insistence, he and the production team worked extensively on the scenes of John and Rhoda in order to develop John’s character in the film.


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