Music: Diane Bardwell’s New Album: ‘Emergence’

Music: Diane Bardwell’s New Album: ‘Emergence’

Dec 17


By Diane Bardwell

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From Diane’s Website:

Emergence takes the ancient art of chanting in one’s own language and gives it an original, contemporary, and exceptionally evocative treatment, featuring seven very unique chant-songs in English, each of which invites contemplative depth, soul-centered singing, and spiritually vibrant movement.

In Emergence meaning, melody, richly layered harmonies, and deeply moving singing all resonate together with transformational power, providing a soundscape and meaning-infused environment that alerts us as much as it opens and rejuvenates us.

This is music that doesn’t just uplift us, but also expands, deepens, and grounds us, moving us into a more deeply fulfilling sense of wholeness. This is music to guide us through the challenges, troubles, and transitions of our lives, helping us not so much to rise above our difficulties, as to pass through them and EMERGE!

Diane is not just singing but is fully expressing, with her whole being, the meaning of her deceptively simple words, weaving them more and more fully into us as we listen. Emergence mixes skyflung joy and earthy exultation, guiding us into a more liberated way of being, without any bypassing of our humanity.

This is a rare work of art. Diane sings with the heartfelt, soaringly alive maturity of her entire being, and world-class producer Stevin McNamara is at the peak of his many years of musical wizardry and exquisitely attuned sonic sensitivity, doing wonders with the arranging, so that each chant-song very clearly stands on its own, in contrast to chant CDs in which most of the cuts sound similar. Pure magic.

As we let Emergence touch us, we find ourselves feeling more and more unshackled, swept to our core on a river of sound and primordial meaning, emerging in ways that truly serve us. We may sing with it, we may dance to it, we may silently listen to it, but whatever we do, we are brought closer to who and what we truly are.



You can listen to the songs from Diane’s albums at the links below. Those who are interested, can then purchase the entire album, or individual tracks online. CDs are also available.

O Breath Us Deep


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