NDE: BIO Channel Presents “I Survived… Beyond And Back”

NDE: BIO Channel Presents “I Survived… Beyond And Back”

Nov 12


By Bill Gorman
TV By The Numbers
November 9, 2010

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NEW YORK, NY – BIO Channel follows the critically acclaimed “I Survived…” franchise with “I Survived… Beyond and Back,” chronicling the stories of people who flat lined; some for a few seconds, others for up to an hour, and came back to life. The one-hour series features six episodes and premieres Sunday, December 5 at 10PM ET/9PM CT/11PM PT on BIO Channel.

“I Survived… Beyond and Back” reveals one of life’s greatest mysteries by profiling the extraordinary stories of people who have literally passed on to the other side. The series combines the compelling and emotionally gripping stories of “I Survived…” with the unexplainable experiences some people have when they are pronounced legally dead. Through first-person accounts and testimony from the medical personnel and family members who were present, “I Survived… Beyond and Back” will not only explore the Survivor’s encounter with death, but also the ways in which it has changed their outlook on life forever.

In the series premiere, Michael was just 16 years old, sitting in class at school, when he began to feel very tired. Within minutes he suddenly found himself high up in the air looking down at his body which had fallen to the floor under cardiac arrest. Julie was travelling on the New York freeway with her friend Robyn when a truck loomed out of the rain on the shoulder of the lane they were in and they unavoidably crashed, and she found herself in a cave-like tunnel and a strong sense of needing to go back. Charles was riding his motorcycle on a freeway when a truck pulled out of a side road without seeing him. Charles threw himself from his bike but slid under the truck but got caught under the front wheel and suddenly found himself running towards his deceased mother and grandmother who tell him to turn back that this is not his time. Miraculously, they all regained consciousness and lived to tell about their incredible stint with the afterlife.

“I Survived…Beyond and Back” is produced by NHNZ for BIO. Judith Curran is Executive Producer and Janice Finn is Series Producer for NHNZ.



Pulse on Near-Death Experiences



  1. I did a lot of TV work in the 1980s when I was a psych researcher at the University of Connecticut Medical School looking at the after effects of the Near-Death Experience. From Larry King Live (twice), Donahue, Oprah, CNN Medical News and many more…
    What I’m getting to here is that this interview, which lasted 4 and half hours was the best ever. Chris Kugelman et al was understanding and intelligent in his questions. His ability to bring out the most subtle details delighted me.
    My experiences happened 35 years ago while suspended in a Stryker frame circle bed and they are as clear to me now as though it was yesterday because I was in Eternity.
    I thought I had remembered everything until Chris took me deeper and into more detail than I could have ever imagined and when we were through and I was in a cab going back to the airport — I realized that instead of being exhausted from being questioned for so long — I was totally energized — and delighted. I can’t wait to see this interview. And my thanks go to him and the other two wonderful men that ran the cameras.
    Thank you Bio Channel!

    • LorainAlberta

      Dearest Barbra. Thank you for telling/sharing your amazing journey! I too would have liked to hear so much more about the other side and less about the manner of which you got there.. but hearing it at all was a blessing for me. If there is more to tell, why not consider writing it in your own hand, your own words to share? Just an idea. If you do happen to do that, or have done, please post something so people like me can know. THANK YOU AGAIN, your sharing does make a difference in lives..and in deaths. : ))

  2. Barbara, thanks for adding this back story. It will, I hope, encourage more folks to watch the program…

  3. I will also be participating in this series. My interview airs on Sunday Jan 9th 2011.

    I find it wonderful that main stream venues are now exploring and making available to the public, such experiences that are both personal and private in nature, but are of interest to all, as to what may possibly be awaiting us once we leave this earthly realm.

    My experience happened in the fall of 2008, and I see this as a wonderful opportunity to share what was so lovingly offered to me during my NDE experience.
    Yes Thank you NHNZ productions, and A&E Channel for allowing me to do just that –

    I hope that others will also take something away with them from all the NDE stories for use in their own journeys of self discovery.

    Dea Maltby / Colorado

  4. Hi Dea,

    Good to hear from you, too. Here’s hoping this show reaches a lot of people!

  5. PJ ODonnell

    I just watched the episode about the man who had heart surgery…then, after what should have been successful surgery, died twice. His story of meeting and hugging many people who were happy to see him…then seeing what appeared to be Jesus on a hill, surrounded by many other people…just touched me in a huge way. I would love to meet and talk with this guy.
    The man on the hill had asked him, “What have you done for your fellow Man?” Showing him a life review where he had helped other people in small ways, through out his lifetime. Hearing this experience solidified what I have suspected for a few years now….I think I now understand what IT is all about.
    Thankyou to those responsible for bringing this program to us…

  6. PJ, in case you missed it, you can find another video of Chris Markey (that’s the name of the man you are talking about) sharing his near-death experience at an IANDS conference in 2008. Both versions — the one you watched, along with the one from 2008 — are posted here:


    You may also be interested in NHNE’s NDE Network. While Chris isn’t a member of the network (yet), Barbara and Dea (who both posted comments above) are. Out of 97 total members, 33 of these folks have had NDEs, so this a great place to meet people like Mark. Here’s where the network is located:


    Thanks for taking the time to let me/us know you appreciate what we are doing.

    Take care.

  7. Kathy

    And how does one audition with their NDE experience?


  8. LorainAlberta

    Although the above posts were written some time ago, I hope the writers/experience-ers, come back and happen to see this post. I want to thank you with all my heart for sharing your amazing truths and journey with us, they are so intensely personal and open to so much ridicule that it took strength to tell the stories. You have helped to take a woman immensely afraid of death and wipe that fear clean away. Years ago I read Life After Life by Dr Moody and it touched me so profoundly that it started a lifetime of interest for me. I became ravenous at reading stories to learn more, it changed me b.c it stirred something deep inside that told me it was all true, there IS a beautiful life on the other side, THAT IS HOME. I could not be by death in the past, but after my ‘knowing’ took place and I was called and told my grandfather dying, something inside me said, NO THERE IS NO DEATH. I went to his bedside and for 3 days and nights I read to this unresponsive man ND accounts from Dr Moodys book. For the first time in my life I felt at peace with death, and I know that this harsh and hard man heard me and felt the peace himself as he squeezed my hand in a thankful way before he passed over. Thank you for sharing, your telling of your accounts makes differences in peoples lives, and in their deaths! Thank you.

  9. Wendy

    I live in Australia and have seen 2 episodes of I survived – Beyond and Back so far. What a brilliant show. I am hoping it will be released on dvd some time soon. My mum has a fear of dying & I think this would be brilliant for her. She doesn’t have a computer or pay tv so she misses out on seeing this program. I find it confirms what I myself believe. That there is something better out there after this life ends. Can’t wait to see more. Loving it! A huge thanks to BIO Channel for bringing us this show & to the people willing to share their wonderful stories. Really appreciate it.

  10. Dmarie

    Please always continue to run this show! One of the best shows on TV. Beautiful & inspiring, Never change.

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