NDE: Jorgensen, Long, Bennett Appear On ‘Call The Doctor’

NDE: Jorgensen, Long, Bennett Appear On ‘Call The Doctor’

Sep 02


NDE expert and researcher Rene Jorgensen appears on the TV show “Call the Doctor” along with Dr. Jeffrey Long and David Bennett to discuss near-death experiences.



Rene Jorgensen

Rene Jorgensen’s Website
The Light Behind God: What Religion Can Learn From Near Death Experiences by Rene Jorgensen

Dr. Jeffrey Long

• The Near Death Experience Research Foundation
• Evidence Of The Afterlife: The Science Of Near-Death Experiences by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry
Summary of Jeffrey Long’s Book

David Bennett

David Bennet’s Website
NDE Stories on Dave Bennett
David Bennett on Google+
David Bennett on Twitter
David Bennett on YouTube
Voyage of Purpose: Spiritual Wisdom from Near-Death back to Life by David Bennett


Pulse on Near-Death Experiences
• NHNE NDE Resource Center & Social Network
• NHNE Near-Death Experiences Resource Page
• NDE Stories
• NHNE NDE on Facebook
• NHNE NDE on Twitter
• IANDS Group Leaders Network
• NHNE Near-Death Bookstore


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