NDE: Dr. Melvin Morse & Three Children NDErs On Oprah

NDE: Dr. Melvin Morse & Three Children NDErs On Oprah

May 04


Dr. Melvin Morse appears on The Oprah Show with three children who had near-death experiences. Dr. Morse has this to say about Krystal, one of the children that appeared on the program:

“The fact that Krystal recognized me when I saw her in follow up several weeks after she recovered is the main reason I became interested in near death experiences in the first place. I had never heard of near death experiences, and I believed, at the time, that when you are dead, you are dead. I walked into the exam room to see Krystal and she looked at me and said to her mother ‘that’s the man who put a tube in my nose’. She proceeded to repeat comments the nurses made.”





Pulse on Near-Death Experiences



  1. John Schofield

    I have always been especially affected by the the accounts of little children such as those reported by Dr. Morse.

    They lack guile and duplicity – ‘talents’ oftentimes found in abundance among adults; and they may occur in any part of the world…

    mitakuye oyasin…

  2. tamsin

    Oprah raises a very interesting point in that why don’t we all remember nde’s? I was in a near fatal crash a year ago, hit the steering column and blacked out, dragged from my car and came round briefly in a hospital before being moved to a cheaper one :D This in a 3rd world country where I’m pretty sure no Valium (or any other drug) could have been administered that quickly; ie, directly after impact and unconsciousness.

  3. Noni

    I believe I had a child NDE when I was 7 years old. From comments that my mother made, I suspect that more happened than I remember.
    After reading many NDE accounts there are many possibilities why an NDE may not be remembered. (It is more of a mystery on how they are remembered.) It seems that death is quick, but the transition from form to formless can be a long process. It ‘sometimes’ starts out as just the sensation of being in a void.. A few NDErs reported that it took them awhile to realize that they still existed. Once they reached an awareness that they still existed more events began to happen.. Some NDErs didn’t remember what happened till years later. MOST nde experiences are ‘introductory’ where the may simply feel a peace or perhaps see someone who tells them it is not their time..

    I once passed out and had convulsions (according to my spouse) from a severe allergic reaction and have no NDE memory but I still believe that ‘we are never alone’)

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